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NVIDIA 9800 GT details begin to surface

by Parm Mann on 10 June 2008, 12:29


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Keeping track of NVIDIA's GPU launches isn't getting any easier, there's already no shortage of new product announcements, and now we've more details on another new kid on the block, the 9800 GT.

The 9800 GT, NVIDIA's highly anticipated replacement for the hugely popular 8800 GT, has been dubbed by many as a re-badged 8800 GT with Hybrid Power thrown in. If leaked specifications are to be believed, those claims aren't far off the mark.

At last week's COMPUTEX, nabbed a picture of ELSA's forthcoming 1GiB 9800 GT:

The 9-series card, however, isn't too dissimilar from its 8-series predecessor. ELSA's 9800 GT is said to offer the same 112 stream processors and 256-bit memory interface as the 8800 GT.

According to ELSA's spec sheet, its 9800 GT will provide a core clock of 630MHz and a memory clock of 1800MHz, slightly higher than the 8800 GT. Though, it should be noted that ELSA's 9800 GT clearly isn't of reference design and this could therefore be an overclocked variant.

Reports indicate that NVIDIA's 9800 GT will utilise a 55nm version of the existing G92 graphics processor, though ELSA wouldn't confirm those finer details.

From the above image, we can see that the card doesn't offer support for triple-SLI, a feature that many had expected to see on the 9800 GT. It's still a little early to say, and ELSA's showing might not match NVIDIA's final specification, but we're underwhelmed thus far.

In other 9800 GT news, Hewlett Packard has jumped the gun by announcing that its Blackbird 002 gaming PC will hit retail with a pair of GeForce 9800 GTs running in SLI. It's expected to land in the US for $3,299 and launch dates are expected to be announced on June 29th. We assume, therefore, that NVIDIA's 9800 GT will show up shortly after.

So, we've a few more details on the 9800 GT, but where does it fit in to NVIDIA's arsenal of GPUs? Well, following the introduction of the GTX 280, GTX 260 and 9800 GT, you can expect to see the GX2 and 8800 models to be phased out. The 9800 GT will therefore sit somewhere between the 9800 GTX and the 9600 GT. We'll provide a more thorough breakdown when NVIDIA officially announces the card.

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That looks like a custom 8800GT to me as it only has one power connector; the 9800GT is rumoured to have two.
Specs are very similar to the 8800gt, I would not be surprised if the 9800gt is just a re branded version of the 8800gt, maybe slightly overclocked.
The 9800 GT, NVIDIA's highly anticipated replacement for the hugely popular 8800 GT
Highly anticipated by who exactly?
Highly anticipated by who exactly?

ATI? They are anticipating the can of whoopass that is about to be opened on Nvidia :p

My prediction is that ATI will take the whole sub £150 market :)
Highly anticipated by who exactly?

Me me me!

I want something that costs around the same price as a 8800GT but performs better. The 4850 and 9800GT look to fit the bill perfectly.