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CEBIT 2005: PixelView champions MXM

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 15 March 2005, 00:00

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PixelView champions MXM

MXM has no uptake? Tell that to PixelView, the Taiwanese company showing off no less than five MXM designs using brand new NVIDIA graphics processors.

GeForce Go 6200 TC
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Above you'll see an NV41M-based 6200 TC, with a single 16M DRAM for scanout and small local framebuffer storage, on a Type 1 MXM module.

GeForce Go 6250
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Then there's a 6250 with 64MB of local framebuffer memory that can support up to 256MB of total video memory, using a Type 1 MXM module.

GeForce Go 6600
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Next up you have a NV43M-based 6600 using 128MB of local memory connected to the NV43's 128-bit memory bus.

GeForce Go 6600
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Got a Type2 MXM module to fill? Use their again NV43M-based Type2 version of the 6600, with 128MB of local memory.

GeForce Go 6800
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Finally you get the GeForce6 Go 6800, with a very high level of performance in the space that MXM will occupy. 256MB on a 256-bit wide bus, all on a Type3 module, is appealing. I wonder who the first ODM to design a chassis that'll take a pair of Type2 or Type3 modules will be. At any rate, PixelView let me know that they've been working with a few ODMs on MXM validation.