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CEBIT 2005: XFX DUAL 6800 Ultras with 512MB per card!

by Nick Haywood on 10 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: XFX (HKG:1079)

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XFX DUAL 6800 Ultras 512MB

Oh yes, you can rely on us to bring you the good stuff. Over here at CeBIT, the mighty (and rather impressive) XFX stand is showing off the very latest in GFX grunt.. a very sexy SLi set up using two NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra 3D accelerators with 512MB - that's a total of 1GB of video memory!

This system is so new, the build on it was only completed last night, and the XFX boys haven’t even had time to benchmark it! No, I’m not kidding, its so bleeding edge, you can cut yourself on it.

I managed to persuade Marnie Sutton, VP of XFX to open this little beauty up and let me have a few sneaky shots, as even NVIDIA are saying this doesn’t launch until tomorrow!

So feast your eyes on this beast… fittingly an Uber-stomping machine, seeing as we’re in Germany. Other specs are an NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI core logic based Socket 939 ASUSTeK A8N Deluxe mainboard, empowered by the all conquering AMD Athlon 64 FX 55 processor and a couple of sticks of ultra low latency Corsair XMS XPERT 3200XL DDR 400+ RAM.

Also on the XFX stand is the new passively cooled NVIDIA GeForce 6600 PCIe 128MB, which XFX themselves have clocked up, so you can get it in two different flavours, a vanilla 550MHz, or tweaked to a fully guaranteed and factory tested overclock of 650MHz.

Further, they’re also bringing out a 256meg version, still on passive cooling, to coupled with a TV card we’re now moving into the realms of decent gaming on silent media pcs…

And if that weren’t enough, those XFX boys have only gone Hollywood on us too. Filming is underway for a new series in which the ordinary crap PC owner gets a complete system overhaul, free of charge… in LA, at XFX’s expense!

You’ve seen MTVs ‘Pimp My Ride’, well XFX reckon they can do it too with ‘Extreme PC Garage’. So get ready for plenty of needless angling grinding and high fives as modding and overclocking become the new cool… and sit back in the happy knowledge that you’ve been cool for ages.

To put yourself and your machine up for an makeover, visit the XFX website at www.xfxforce.com and have a good moan about how Doom3 is a twenty minute slideshow.