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AMD briefly details technology behind next-gen Bulldozer core

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 April 2011, 09:50


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Spin the CPU bottle

It's no secret that AMD is readying its next-generation CPU technology, code-named Bulldozer. Read around the web and it seems as if a mid-June 2011 release is likely.

To whet your appetite and provide a basic understanding of Bulldozer and its ecosystem, especially for servers and workstations, AMD has put together six linked videos on YouTube, presented by John Fruehe, that detail some the technology involved.


Of course, the videos are very much biased towards AMD and take no account of the rather obvious competition from Intel, but my question to you, readers, is if you find this method of information delivery useful?

Have the videos given you a clear insight into the Bulldozer core and platform, or has the AMD spin put you in, well, a spin? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Video link is here.

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a member of this very forum

a member of most tech forums though….
I quite like the approach. I find it much easier, and quicker, to watch a short video highlighting some concepts they wish to convey compared to a lengthy post.

Even though these video's are great I still think a good body of text covering the topics with greater detail is necessary. They do have their blog for that which is nice.

I think AMD has the right idea with this approach.
I like the way that the videos have clickable links so that you can jump from one to the next.

Any idea how that was done? I can see that being very useful, especially for other information or sales videos.
I enjoyed the videos (and their navigation) as well. While it contained information already-known to most-anybody that follows tech news, it was nice to see it affirmed loud and clear by an AMD rep in the flesh. I would feel comfortable sending a layman relative to that video, if say they were curious about what's coming up in the world of PC's in the next few months. It would've been nice if they had said what each product is competing with (from Intel, ‘ie’ 8-core versus 2500/2600k) and price ranges/markets, but I can understand that will come later.

I hope they make one for Llano as well, as I feel something simple explaining the gist (A midrange graphics card from ‘x’ gen capable of ‘x’ features and gaming ‘x’ titles at ‘x’ resolution + crossfire capabilities + ‘x’ gen mid-range CPU capable of ‘x’ combined in one chip) would help expose AMD to the masses that rarely see outside the blue box when it comes to PCs. It would also be a boon for us that have to explain the landscape to friends/family members each time they want to buy/upgrade their PC just to send them to a youtube video.

If nothing else, this shows AMD's marketing has gone a long way as of late. They deserve kudos for that. While I've always thought they (and ATi as well before the merger) have been an ‘open’ and honest company with worthy and notable technological innovation, up to this point it seems they've had problems conveying that to the public at large and that has hurt adoption. If they keep this up, and their products continue to improve/innovate for certain consumer needs/niches, I could see AMD's future improving considerably regardless if they aren't number one in every area of performance for each and every product segment.
^^ Great idea, I would love to see a some Hexus video guides on their Youtube account. It would make things so much better for me when trying to help friends and family with PC's.

Come on Hexus, you can do it :D