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Corsair demo Nautilus cooled computer

by Steve Kerrison on 7 January 2006, 19:34

Tags: Corsair

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2006 International CES

Sending our journos in search of interesting things on the show floor, we discovered the new Nautilus 500 watercooling system, which aims to be the easiest watercooling system to setup to date (see our initial exclusive report.)

Nautilus 500

Nautilus 500's bottom

The Nautilus was cooling a Pentium 4 powered system equipped with 2x 1GiB Corsair RAM (naturally) plus a pair of X1800Pros... master and slave, for some crossfire fun.

Corsair system

System spec sheet

Most of the cooling system is external, sitting neatly atop the PC's case, with only the CPU waterblock mounted inside it. The clips for the waterblock clip through the mounting holes on the motherboard, meaning the board doesn't necessarily need to be removed for the block to be installed.

Corsair system internals

Corsair's latest watercooling solution looks both very neat and very easy to setup. We expect it will attract a number of cautious enthusiasts to try out the wet stuff for the first time. As we reported previously, it can knock around 15C off under-load temperatures compared to stock cooling, but is that enough to really make it worth getting over a silent heatsink/fan combination? We look forward to seeing the results of such a test.

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I wonder how much this will be when it comes to market? I have not been intersted in this field of cooling, but if the price is right then I may just be tempted - if the benefits are worth the cost, of course…

A no fuss system is always going to more expensive than a DIY alternative.
A no fuss system is always going to more expensive than a DIY alternative.

I can't help but think the same thing - would be nice if we were wrong, eh?

It will be launching at $155, so I suspect we will see this one at around £100 (street price!)
£100 sounds alot more reasonable than I was expecting, whats the noise levels like?