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Noctua's asymmetric top-down heatsink

by Steve Kerrison on 2 June 2010, 13:38

Tags: Noctua

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We hung out with Noctua's Jakob Dellinger to check out some of the company's current projects, the first of which was a prototype of a new top-down heatsink design engineered for flexible usage.

The as-yet unnamed prototype is aimed at HTPC and mini-ITX systems where space is in one way or another an issue. It is both a 120mm and an 80mm heatsink insofar as the top accepts the former and the bottom has room for the latter. When there's room, the 80/120mm combo provide push-pull airflow for maximum cooling performance from the 4 heatpipe design.

If vertical space is tight, the 120mm fan can be removed to squeeze in the HSF. But if clearance from motherboard sticky-outy-bits is the bigger issue, the 80mm fan can be sacrificed to put some space between components and the cooler.

Noctua prototype 80/120mm HSF Noctua prototype 80/120mm HSF

Look out for coverage of some of Noctua's other designs in an upcoming HEXUS.tv show.

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