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Enermax lets loose flashy Apollish fans

by Parm Mann on 22 July 2009, 14:38

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We tend to find that many HEXUS readers now prefer sleek designs when it comes to their computers. The bright neon lights of the last decade are seemingly behind us.

However, if you're still not done with gaudy accessories, you're gonna love the latest fans from Enermax. They're called the Apollish (which sounds really bad when said slowly), and they're about as bright as they come.

We were first blinded by them back at CeBIT, when they were tentatively branded as Apollo. Now, here they are, ready to "transform a usual PC into a real eye catcher".

Each fan features a circular LED light with up to 15 diodes, making it four times brighter than ordinary LED fans, says Enermax. Available in 8cm and 12cm sizes, each fan comes in a choice of red, silver, blue and green - all of which are finished in a high-gloss coating. And don't worry about losing any of that shine as each fan's blades can be detached for easy cleaning.

When not dazzling passers by with their colour, the fans do some cooling, too. Both the 8cm and 12cm versions feature a patented twister bearing, and each thermally-controlled fan promises a maximum airflow of 33.04CFM and 71.76CFM, respectively.

If you're interested, they're hitting stores now priced at £7.99 for the 8cm models and £11.99 for the larger 12cm.

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Hmm I use AC Ryans in my latest building projects. 12cm and 81CFM with burnt orange UV reactive and UV LED for 7.50GBP. They aren't the quietest fans, but often it's downed out by other things. These would have to be ultra quiet for me to pay 4.50 more over the AC Ryan ones.
Terrible, terrible name :rolleyes:

Pretty decent looking though, if you like that sort of thing…