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Thermaltake XPRESSAR supercooled system gets the green light

by Tarinder Sandhu on 22 September 2008, 14:43

Tags: XPRESSAR RCS1000, Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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How is it done?

Here is a mock-up of the Intel-only design. Trouble is, the amount of piping required means that, currently, only a handful of motherboards are qualified for usage, and many of those listed have restriction provisos.

Housed in a Thermaltake Xaser VI, the 22.2kg system is reckoned to be 20ºC better at cooling than most liquid-based systems.


We'd like to see the system concurrently cool a couple of graphics cards, and it will need to be quiet doing so, too.

If Thermaltake can fulfil these criteria and the price isn't too high, the XPRESSAR RCS1000 might just have a future.

One 'cool' thing is that the mounting mechanism will fit upcoming Nehalem CPUs as well as current LGA775s.

More info here.

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Just as long as it isn't as loud as my fridge. I wouldn't want to be sat next to that for long.
Yeah, “condenser” makes it sound quite audible.
This is a technology that I think will take a few years to mature as the first wave of products will be limited, loud and expensive.

Can't use this on graphic cards, or northbridge chips. Most people into water cooling would see this as a fatal flaw….

But a fews years later and it might just be brilliant. Keep at it Thermaltake, someone has to use innovation.
Remind anyone of Vapochill? Did anyone actually buy that lol…
Remind anyone of Vapochill? Did anyone actually buy that lol…

:laugh: no :)

Still expensive and damn ugly.