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Thermaltake previews BigTyp14 Pro CPU cooler

by Parm Mann on 27 August 2008, 11:45

Tags: BigTyp14 Pro, Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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Thermaltake has taken the wraps off its latest high-end CPU cooler, the BigTyp14 Pro.

The cooler, successor to the popular BigTyp 120VX, may look like something from out of space but it's designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts and gamers, says Thermaltake.

The BigTyp14 Pro features a VR-controlled 14cm fan that promises excellent cooling performance and noise output at low as 16dBA. It offers a universal clip that'll support most CPUs, and a mirror-coated copper base. There are six copper heatpipes and 69 aluminium fins on each side to help dissipate heat.

It looks like an impressive solution, and promises to remain very quiet. But, there's nothing quite like a cheesy teaser video to get us excited so here it is:

Thermaltake expects the BigTyp14 Pro to arrive sometime next month, but pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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lol at the cheesy “THERMALTAKE - Embrace the Future!”.
If thermaltake really wanted to impress, how about making a CPU cooler that doesn't require half the space inside the average case!!!

These larger and large coolers are getting stupid.
lol at the cheesy “THERMALTAKE - Embrace the Future!”.

I know, twas a lolcano moment
Hmmmmm…. doesn't make me want to give up my Scythe Ninja B
Hmmmmm…. doesn't make me want to give up my Scythe Ninja B

And I can't give up my Zalman CNPS8000 as nothing else will fit in my case! But I love it.