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Scythe shows off huge new CPU cooler - Orochi

by Matt Davey on 6 March 2008, 20:48

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If you thought that the over-sized cooler-silliness would stop with the Cooler Master Gemen II, think again.

It seems that Scythe wanted to make a statement about just how big its coolers and business have become in just five short years.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Orochi cooler (apparently named after the Japanese dragon fought by the warrior-god Susano-Oh).

If you thought you had compatibility problems before now, they're as nothing to the problem you'll have finding a case/motherboard pairing that can hold the Orochi. With 10 heat pipes, the offset-design of the cooler means that it will overhang the memory by some margin, although all the heat can be cut back with an optional 140mm fan.

Yup, we said 140mm. With room to spare either end, you get an idea of just how big this cooler really is. It's certainly the biggest production-ready CPU cooler we could find at CeBIT 2008. Expect to see it on sale in the near future - price still unknown, of course.

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Holy moly!

Although you know, there would still be some room left in my case if I used one of them. I don't think they're trying hard enough. Come on Scythe! I'm not going to be happy until I've got 5 kilos of copper hanging off my poor oh-so-horribly abused motherboard!
*cuts hole in side of case*

Seriously though the temps better be good to justify the size
Sorry, does that fit into my mATX case Silverstone SG01 ?
that thing is a monster
Oh dear god.

It's like Gilette vs Wilkinson Sword.

“Ah ha, our wilkinson Sword protector has TWO blades!”
“Pah, that is nothing. Our Gilette Mach 3 has THREE blades.”
“Ok, here's out Wilkinson Quattro! 4 blades! Top that! Bet you can't.”
“My god! Four blades! How fiendishly clever… Wait… let's try… FIVE. Yes, 5 blades! Here's the Fusion, with one stupid blade so people can do Craig David style beards!”

I forsee Gilette coming out with the 24 bladed Dual-DoDecahedron Elite Extreme! blade shortly. I'm surprised Wilkinson haven't skipped 6 blades and just straight for 7 already in a novel marketing ploy.

Anyway, sorry, beside the point. Um… that's a bit silly, isn't it? Surely there comes a point when some parts of the heat sink radiator are so far away from teh processor that they don't actually contribute anything, and in fact only prove a hindrance to air flow?

Unless we're all wrong and this thing is meant to cool a motorcycle engine. Or something.