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Enermax cools your notebook in style

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 March 2008, 14:55

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Armed with the knowledge that worldwide notebook shipments are due to overtake desktops' in the near future, designing aftermarket products for the eclectic range of laptops - fitting into different form-factors - is a burgeoning industry in itself.

Enermax is jumping on the bandwagon with its Aeolus notebook cooler that carries a large fan on its underside.

It's powered from a regular USB cable that, presumably, connects to your laptop, and there's enough juice to drive the 250mm fan at a 'whisper-quiet' 850rpm. The fan can be further toggled down to 650rpm or off but we could barely hear it whirring along at the fastest speed, quoted at 20dBa - although the din of CeBIT may have something to do with that.

Enermax says it's constructed from high-quality aluminium, suitable for widescreen laptops of up to 17in and able to cut 22deg C from your laptop's operating temperature. That, though, is a combined temperature-drop from the CPU, memory and RAM.

Clearly, the Aeolus isn't suitable for using as a truly mobile base; the 1.3kg weight would be immediately discernible in your laptop bag.

Pricing will be around £50 when it's released in two weeks' time. Oh, and to reduce the bling factor, the five blue LEDs can be turned off.

Most useful for larger laptops with discrete graphics cards, the Aeolus - available in black and silver - certainly looks the part.

Enermax will also be releasing a wireless version of its Aurora keyboard.

It runs off 2.4GHz WiFi, sports an understated black aesthetic and will cost around £75. It feels comfortable to type on, too.

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