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CeBIT teaser: the mother of all notebook cooling pads!

by Parm Mann on 26 February 2008, 13:43

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A cooler that could be confused for an alien life-form

Taiwan-based Enermax, manufacturers of PC power supplies, cooling solutions, cases and more, has provided us a little taster on what to expect at CeBIT next week.

First up is literally the mother of all notebook cooling pads. Pictured below, this 25cm fan is housed in a massive diamond-cut aluminium frame.

Monster laptop cooling from Enermax

Enermax has decided to call this cooler-supreme the AEOLUS, named after the Greek God of wind no less. We're told that AEOLUS will reach retail by mid-April, it'll be available in black and silver and retail for about $60 +VAT.

Another little taster from Enermax comes in the form of its AURORA Micro KB006U keyboard, a smaller version of its already-available AURORA Premium KB007U.


Scheduled to launch in mid-April, the Micro KB006U provides 10 media keys that didn't feature on the Premium KB700U. It'll carry a price of approximately $65 +VAT.

Finally, there will also be a AURORA Micro Wireless KB008W keyboard. This one will pack a trackball, scrollwheel and 7 media keys. It'll retail at approximately $75 +VAT when it launches later this summer. Unfortunately, Enermax wouldn't provide a picture of this one until CeBIT actually begins - aw, spoil sports!

HEXUS will be on hand at CeBIT next week and we'll be taking a closer look at the enormous AEOLUS!

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Just something i'm wondering about - can you use the AEOLUS as a mouse mat? If you wire it up to power, unless it's got an internal source. Just because you might want to keep your hands cool incase of another heatwave in the summer.
Yeah I'm going to CeBIT2008. :D

I can't wait to get round all the booths! :D