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Cubitek sets out to make tanks attractive

by Navin Maini on 16 March 2011, 17:24

Tags: Cubitek

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A tank isn't really universally acknowledged as the epitome of sexiness, but Cubitek wants you to reconsider your scepticism.

Coming in three slinky varieties - the XL, HTPX and Mini - Cubitek's Tank series dresses to kill in black hairline-brushed anodised aluminium, apparently without the outlay that wining and dining usually entails.

The XL-Tank is a mid-tower specimen, housing six 3.5in and two 2.5in HDD bays internally, with four 5.25in bays for beauty outside. With VGA size being everything, the XL-Tank accommodates cards up to 310mm long and thoughtfully incorporates a support column to keep everything on the straight and narrow. Anti-perspiration control is taken care of by a single 230mm intake fan, married up with three 140mm exhaust fans, and support for a bevy of form factors means that one size should fit all.

The HTPX-Tank, designed for EVGA's Classified SR-2 despite trying to please as many form factors as possible, goes even bigger for VGA card support. Up to 340mm of gaming goodness goes a long way and the same cooling capacity as the XL-Tank is lined up to keep things from getting too steamy. If it's room to do some dance moves that you're looking for, the HTPX-Tank accommodates nine 3.5in bays and two 2.5in bays internally, plus five 5.25in bays externally.

Going in for the kill, the Mini-Tank claims to be the world's first mini-ITX offering especially for gamers. You've got support for double 340mm VGA harmony here with a single 140mm intake fan, and 140mm + 120mm fan combination getting exhausted. Being big hearted, as Cubitek puts it, the Mini-Tank gives you wiggle-room for up to four 3.5in and two 2.5in bays internally, plus two 5.25in bays externally.

USB 3.0 support, e-SATA ports, tool-less drive mounts, a 5.25in to 3.5in convertor and cut-outs for liquid cooling tubes splatter across the range, with thoughtful additions such as anti-vibration measures and air-filters wrapping up everything with a neat bow.

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oooooh i like the mini one, very cool
Yup looks interesting, wonder about price!
first case - nice, but nothing amazing, looks well built.

second case - mmm thats an odd shape .. wait, is that a 5 1/4" blanking plate? Jesus Christ they missed the briefing about what the M in M-ITX means then! why the hell not just extend all the case the same distance back, and call it a very wide U-ATX case? what the hell do they think people will be storing in the space saved? a pack of sandwiches?
This range are up for pre-order on OCUK - so you can take their prices and probably knock at least Ā£20 off once Scan get them in …:rockon: