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Thermaltake Level 10 chassis filters through to retail

by Parm Mann on 4 December 2009, 10:54

Tags: Level 10, Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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We've already acknowledged that Thermaltake's Level 10 is chassis porn at its finest, and if you're after an enclosure like no other, it's now finally available at retail.

Having grabbed the chassis headlines since CeBIT back in March, Level 10's long-awaited limited run appears to have materialised - with the chassis in stock at US retailer Newegg.com at a cost of $849.99, and UK retail Novatech.co.uk for a tidy sum of £499.99.

You could, of course, get around 20 of Thermaltake's V3 Black Edition chassis for the same amount, but then, they're not the Level 10, are they?

Our hands-on preview has revealed that Level 10 isn't entirely revolutionary in terms of features, but its jaw-dropping design comes bundled with limitless bragging rights - and that alone might be worth the £500 asking price.

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It's here, and virtually nobody will buy it. :lol:
I'll virtually buy it… but not actually.
Ah damn, that's my lunch spluttered all over the keyboard now.

Cheers Thermaltake.
Damn you could get a good upgrade to your rig for that sort of money :surprised::surprised::surprised:
Damn you could get a good upgrade to your rig for that sort of money :surprised::surprised::surprised:

Ackward looking case that performs no better than my current but is unique and no one will own if they are sane, or a HP LW2475P… hmmm. :O_o1: Tough one.