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SilverStone adds second Raven chassis to line-up. Now smaller, cheaper and better

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 June 2009, 13:30

Tags: SilverstoneTek

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Remember the Raven RV01? It caused quite a stir at last year's show.

SilverStone's back at it again with the Raven RV02. First off, it's smaller, measuring in at 643mm x 503mm x 212mm (compared to RV01's 660mm x 616mm x 280mm) and is equipped with five 5.25in bays (eight without 3.5in holder), three 3.5in bays - down from six on the RV01 -  and a 2.5in drive-holder, perfect for SSDs.

The construction is the same, that is, plastic outer shell and SECC (steel) body.

SilverStone reckons that it has a few improvements over the first-generation model, including housing motherboards that can take four dual-slot cards up to 10.5in long. It also ships with a single exhaust 120mm fan and three independent-speed intake 180mm fans - one up from the RV01, and it keeps the rotated-component theme going. We wonder if the imbalance between intake and exhaust manifests itself in less-than-ideal cooling?

There's also the now-customary cutout on the motherboard tray for through-the-board fitting, and the 3.5in drive-bay's suspension system has been upgraded over the previous model. Further, SilverStone adds mountings to fit a radiator.

Ignoring the smoke, you can see the 2.5in drive on the 'far' side, behind the 5.25in bays - situated in the same place as the Fortress FT02.

Expect to see it in the UK in the August/September time-frame. Pricing is yet to be finalised but the indications are that it could come in at between £100-£120, including VAT, making it cheaper than the larger RV01. Bring it down to £99 all in and it will surely tempt the enthusiast. What do you think?

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The FT02 is practically the same, probably better, is that a quad fire BBQ or fake smoke?
They got rid of the cool but stupid door.

4X 4870X2 in 8 way Crossfire. Q.Q
if there are reviews and it works il be interested… still waiting for some UK shops to stock the damn Lian Li PC-P50 x(
They got rid of the cool but stupid door.

4X 4870X2 in 8 way Crossfire. Q.Q

Shame it doesn't work :(
It's nice to see that much space in it though.

I didn't like the old Raven due to the angular top - nice to be able to rest a mug on the top of the front.. though with the ports being all on top as well, probably not the best idea!

Btw it's smoke to demostrate the air flow, obv :)
This case is Amazing , I preffer one million times this newer version of the Raven :), the previous older version of the Raven was really ugly with all those corners everywhere