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BMW sheds light on Thermaltake Level 10 chassis

by Parm Mann on 16 March 2009, 10:05

Tags: Level 10, Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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Thermaltake's Level 10 concept chassis was arguably the star of the show at CeBIT '09. Pictured below, the eye-catching enclosure - designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA for Thermaltake's 10th anniversary - is unlike any chassis we've seen before.

Unfortunately, Thermaltake aren't revealing any further details just yet - stating only that this concept would eventually become reality, and is on track to be fully detailed at COMPUTEX in June.

Thankfully, the folks at BMW Group DesignworksUSA can't seem to contain their excitement. In a press release, they've stated that Level 10 is "a high-end gaming tower prototype that was inspired by the gaming word itself".

Handing out just a smidgen of information, the subsidiary of BMW Group tells us that inspiration for the compartmentalised design came from the computer world, with "virtual townscapes and futuristic game components" acting as a guideline for the design of individual components.

Get past the hyperbole, and we've a few noteworthy details. We're told that each component is "enclosed within its own protective case, rendering it not only an integral part of the design but also guaranteeing interchangeability and transportability". We wonder, then, if each hard-disk enclosure is removable and hot-swappable. It's unlikely, judging by the prototype we saw at CeBIT, but we can always hope.

According to the designers, Level 10 has an "aesthetical answer to the physical necessity for best possible cooling". That's highlighted by the vertical heatsink you see running up the chassis' side.

Elsewhere, there's a handful of clever little touches. There's a smart lock system to prevent component theft at your next LAN party, and an extractable USB memory key that acts as a remote control for activating the system. Similar to the keys of a BMW, we guess, and sounding mighty cool.

Despite looking heavier than most chassis, it sports two carry handles for "convenient transportation". Inside, there's a "cleverly devised cable conduit system and light features which communicate a multitude of tower functions such as temperature and memory volumes".

Sounds like all sorts of fun, but whether or not these concept-stage features make it to the final product remains to be seen. Either way, we're looking forward to finding out at COMPUTEX in June.


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The more I see that the more I like it, shame if its released it'll cost silly money :(
Fingers crossed they'll make a more affordable version because that's actually fantastic. :bowdown:
Fingers crossed they'll make a more affordable version because that's actually fantastic. :bowdown:

Unfortunately I highly doubt that'll happen! I'm guessing somewhere in the region of £1,000 for this when it finally arrives. I really hope I'm wrong though, because it sure is a beautiful thing… :drool:
it is strangely attractive that case.

sub £150 would be nice price but i expect it will be silly money also
The most beautiful case I've ever seen.

Shame it's expandability is limited….and it would take a fair amount of regular dusting :P

Kudos to the design team though.