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SilverStone announces its smallest Sugo SFF chassis, the Sugo SG05

by Parm Mann on 5 December 2008, 10:46

Tags: Sugo SG05, SilverstoneTek

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its actually pretty large :o would be a good lan box though
Does take full height cards though, so while it is tall, it has good reason to be.
oh i dont know, i would like to see them do something fancy with riser cards :)

whichever way you shake it, this isnt silverstones smallest sff. as i say though, nice lan box
I don't know many ITX boards with two slots… PCI Express or PCI… Many with one… :(

Still, looks nice…
Silverstones LC19 is smaller by volume and will take a microATX board which is bigger, giving you a lot more choice.

Ok, it only has one expansion slot, but the LC19 is probably the smallest Silverstone case, not this one.