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SilverStone redefines mid-range chassis elegance

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 June 2008, 16:52

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SilverStoneTek, producers of high-quality chassis and peripherals, is hoping to cash-in with users who want a good-looking chassis but don't want to pay the earth

Now revamped (and renamed) from when we last saw it at CeBIT 2008, a special-edition model was on show here in Taipei.

The gold-coloured Fortress model had a huge 180mm fan right at the front, sucking in air whilst spinning at a maximum 800rpm.

Featuring easy access to the hard drives located directly in the fan's flow, the cages are removable if you need to house extra-long graphics cards

Silver and black models will be available soon enough, priced at around £120 for what felt like a quality full-sized aluminium chassis. Note that retail versions will be either black or silver; the lovely-looking gold is a show-only colour.

The Fortress packs in a second 180mm fan, again for intake purposes, at the very top, and cooling is further enhanced by the also-supplied fan on the rear.

We liked SilverStone's Temjin series when it was launched a while back, and the Fortress line seeks to bolster the mid-priced collection.

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