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Radeon HD 3870 X2 - R680 - spotted at CES - or maybe not!

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 January 2008, 15:32

Tags: SilverstoneTek

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It's funny what you can find on the show floor if you look hard enough. SilverStoneTek's booth was a case in point.

Clearly on display in the new, lower-cost SG02 chassis and as-yet unreleased from AMD, was a Radeon HD 3870 X2 (R680) graphics card - or is it just something far more mundane? We let you decide.

SilverStoneTek was keen to highlight the expansive qualities of its SG02-F SFF chassis that's a derivation of the popular SG03, and how better to do it than by showing the extra-long card in all its glory.

The SG02 hits a lower price-point than the '03 by, in the main, being constructed out of steel rather than aluminium. You can either opt for a white- or black-fronted chassis.

Retailing at around Ā£60, including VAT, the SG02 measures 270mm x 212mm x 393mm (WxHxD), accommodates a microATX-sized motherboard, and has space for a couple of 5.25in and three 3.5in bays, as well as a reglular ATX PSU.

Expect it to go on sale in March 2008.

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Need some offical spec details please guys.

Go harass them reps. :D:D
doesn't it look more like the OEM version of the R600, with the extra length cooler with pci bracket retention setup.

even if you look really closely at the heatsink it looks like it has one central contact point where heatpipes fan out left and right. from other pictures of the R680 X2 it looks like the new cards have two contact points for the heatsinks that are offset left and right, not like that one.

Reckon someones just bunged in a old full length card to show the size of case.

of course, it could be the new card, who knows :p

If you want stats its fairly easy, take a 3870 specs, then double it with +/-10% clocks on cores either way as cooling dictates. its not rocket science.
Do you really think it is?

Hehe. ;)

I've had my fun for today. :)

Nice chassis, thoughl
It is the new card… ;)

ERm not quite thought the new card was meant to look like this, and as such the power connectors are way off.

So Im still saying its an oem, of the R600:mrgreen:
Actually I think there are two different designs to this same card, I've seen both posted on different sites. The one pictured here definitely is one of their x2 versions. You can see both gpu heatsinks.

Although that handle on the end makes it look like one of their test versions.