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Apacer to show Leadership as Reliable Innovator at Computex 2012

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Efficient storage solutions and innovative USB 3.0 consumer products

At Computex Taipei 2012 (June 5 to 9 at booth T202A on the 2nd floor of Taipei International Convention Center) Apacer will launch ground-breaking digital storage products underlining their brand spirit as a "Reliable Innovator", providing cutting-edge performance, utmost stable solutions, as well as an innovative user experience backed by superior service.

As far as consumer 3C products are concerned, Apacer will present a full series of USB 3.0 peripherals, including flash drives, external hard drives, card readers, and much more to be revealed during the show in live-demonstrations, focusing on users demanding for a ture super-speed experience. One highlight will be the Apacer AS610 SSD, featuring SATA3 transmission interface with a sequential read speed of up to 550/530 MB, thereby catering best to the demanding needs of gamers and multi-media enthusiasts.

In response to the tremendously growing usage of Ultrabooks, Apacer rolls out compact-sized and high-capacity solutions to meet the low profile product needs. Moreover, exclusive core information security technologies for SSDs will be released. When it comes to the server memory segment, Apacer is taking the lead by launching their DDR3 ServerMemory Module with capacities of up to 16GB, offering an up to 20% higher operating efficiency. On top of things, Apacer will be demonstrating the latest overclocking memory designs right at their Computex booth.

Product introduction:

Apacer industrial SSDs

Due to fast uprising of Ultrabook and to meet the demand for low profile product, Apacer rolls out the latest mSATA A1 industrial SSD boasting SATA 6Gb/s transmission interface and compliance with JEDEC MO-300 specification. It is a high-speed storage solution featuring low profile and large capacity. This mSATA A1 is only one-third the size of an Easy Card, i.e. 50.8x29.8mm, reducing its space on motherboard and delivering a capacity up to 256GB. In terms of product performance, mSATA A 1 has excellent efficiency, sequential read/write speed up to 470/200 MB/sec, and IOPs up to 50K, delivering highly efficient operating environment. Notably, thanks to its high speed characteristics, it can support Intel® Rapid Start and Intel® Smart Response, finish booting within seconds and keep computer operating at high efficiency.

In addition, Apacer will also launch exclusive SSD core information security technologies (i.e. special security directives: CoreEraser, CoreDestroyer and CoreProtector), delivering the three functions of erasing, destroy and security protection.Data stored by embedded system can be given full protection and data leakage can be avoided, increasing reliability of storage.

Thanks to many years of industry experience and continuous innovation, besides above-mentioned mSATA A1, the latest industrial SSDs released this time also include 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s high-speed SSD and PCIe interface SSD, as well as a full series of PATA, CompactFlash, SD, MicroSD and USB interface products, offering the latest and comprehensive specifications, high capacity products and complete storage solutions.

Apacer memory modules

DDR3 Server Memory Modules with capacities of up to 16GB and enhanceoperating efficiency

Apacer will introduce the latest DDR3 Server Memory Module in Computex. Thanks to its high capacity up to 16GB, outstanding hardware design and advanced processed memory chips, server systems can maintain excellent stability while implementing high-speed computing, and enhance operating efficiency by 20%, offering multiple superior storage device options to the enterprise market. To help customers create the optimal product performance, the DDR3 Server Memory Module has gone through rigorous reliability tests. It is fully compatible with the latest Intel/AMD 2-ways server platform and supports the latest Intel Quad-Channel Xeon E5-2600/4600 series and AMD Quad-Channel Opteron 6000 series server platforms, demonstrating incomparable platform compatibility.

Overclocking Memory Series

Apacer rolls out limited edition "Snow Leopard Series" DDR3-2133 16GB Kit Dual-Channel Overclocking Memory Module. It adopts the world's first-ever pure white PCB, hemmed with 16 shiny LED lights emitting 16 spectacular beams uponbooting, making your PC unique. In addition, Apacer introduces the industry-leading single 8GB DDR3 "ARES series" Overclocking Memory Module, rendering ultimate performance through super-high frequency and large capacity!

Apacer USB 3.0 consumer products

USB3.0 flash drives

Apacer has a series of hot-selling USB 3.0 flash drives boasting blazing speed and cost effectiveness to fulfill different market needs. In Computex this year, Apacer rolls out the world's smallest USB3.0 Flash Drive: AH152. Even smaller than a coin, AH152 adopts metallic design and has a transmission speed of up to 80MB/s and enhanced water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof functions. It's quite simply unsurpassable.

USB3.0 portable HDDs

Thanks to the dominance of USB3.0, the portable HDD supporting USB3.0 has gone mainstream in the market! AC231 USB3.0 portable HDDs features SuperSpeed, large capacity and innovative anti-slip, anti-shock soft rubber with a stylish diamond-checkered pattern. AC231 is available in three capacities, 1TB, 750GB and 500GB, and boasts the maximum read/write speed of 112/109 MB/s. It is the users' best partner in digital life!

USB3.0 card readers

DSLR technologies progress with each passing day. Professional photographers or amateurs can easily access the powerful single lens and high-speed memory cards and enjoy the advanced functions, including HD 1080p recording or ultra-speed burst shooting. However, when it comes to transmission of large numbers of files by the computer, it is rather annoying to wait for a long time. To save the photographers' valuable time, Apacer launches AM530 USB 3.0 ultra-high speed card-reader with, in full support of the mainstream memory cards, and ultra-high speed memory cards such as SDHC UHS-I, SDXC UHS-I or CF UDMA6/7. Hence, the professional memory cards with ultimate speed of over 100 MB/s can fully display their read/write capabilities and realize the transmission of files instantaneously!

Consumer Products

Every second matters‧Apacer rolls out its first SATA III SSD, AS610 

If you are mulling over boosting computer efficiency, SSD is the best choice with immediate desirable effect. But it is rare to find the model which boasts read/write efficiency, strong durability and five-year warranty. Apacer, the leading manufacturer of digital storage, launches its first SATA III SSD AS610. Based on long-standing dedicated enterprise-level technical research and development on SSD by Apacer, AS610 not only realizes the stunning read/write speed of 550MB/530MB/sec*, but also provides five-year professional warranty rarely seen in the industry, displaying absolute confidence in the premium quality!

The world's fastest high-capacity Ultra High Speed memory card

Apacer took the lead by launching the world's fastest high-capacity Ultra High Speed microSD and Ultra High Speed SD memory card with the latest UHS-1 interface and SDA 3.0 memory card standard.  Available in a range of capacities from 8GB to 64GB, it provides up to 90MB/s UHS ultra-high transmission speed for high-end mobile devices, DSLR cameras and HD camcorders, and perfectly meets the demands of HD audio-visual transmission.