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Samsung unveils new design concept printers at IFA 2014

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Breakthrough concepts open up new possibilities in printing design 

London, UK - 5th September, 2014 - Samsung Electronics today unveiled its new innovative concept printers at IFA 2014. The four concept printers, designed for the home and office, come in a range of bright colours, unconventional designs and contain eco-friendly features such as the option to use recycled paper. These concept designs won the 2014 iF Design Award in the Concept Design category. Samsung expects the new printers to play an important role in the growing trend for mobile printing.

"Samsung's concept printers are designed to be simple, mobile and quick to use. We developed our design concept printers to apply the mobile printing trend in the home and office and the increasing trend for eco-friendly technology," said Mark Ash, General Manager, Print Division, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland. "We are excited to be able to deliver a new printing experience for small businesses and home offices alike."

Innovative Printers for the home and office

With the growing trend for mobile printing, ‘Vase' is a mono laser printer that takes up minimal space. Its standing design enables the user to feed the paper vertically to save space and is available in a range of neutral colours so that it blends in with the design of the living room.

‘Egg Tray' is an eco-friendly toner cartridge package created with fully recyclable paper. Instead of the conventional paper box with an air shock absorbent, manual, and warranty card, the ‘Egg Tray' uses one pulp-molded tray and recycled paper. This not only reduces material costs, but is also more environmentally friendly.

‘One & One,' is a mono laser printer with a hybrid design that can print in two different colours. The two cartridges enable users to print in cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black toner.

‘Mate' is a mono laser printer that enables people to customise the colour of the device using coloured panels allowing users to change the colours according to their personal preference.

2014 iF Design Award Concept Design Category Winners:




Design Concept, Feature and Design Point



Design Concept: Designed to fit into the home, it is the perfect printer for the evolving mobile trend.

Feature: New standing design feeds the paper vertically to save space in the home

Design Points

1) A printer that feeds paper vertically to minimise its size.

2) To enhance the brand value and increase market share through a new design.

* Won 2014 IDEA Gold Award

* Won 2014 iF Design Award in concept design


Egg Tray

Design Concept: Environmental friendly that uses fully recyclable paper yet ensures the safety of the product (toner cartridge)

Feature: One pulp-molded tray and recycled paper.

Design Points

1) Cut on material costs and process simplification

2) Made with fully recyclable materials

* Won 2014 iF Design Award in concept design



Design Concept: Premium black & white design with a sleek square surface.

Feature: Customisation allows people to add one additional colour for extra impact.

Design Points

1) Two round toner cartridges

2) Hybrid design enables users to choose from Cyan/Magenta/Yellow in addition to the default colour when printing

* Won 2014 iF Design Award in concept design



Design Concept: Providing an enhanced user experience by enabling people to customise the printer's colour according to their preference.

Feature: Users can change the exterior of the printer using different colour boards.

Design Points

1)      A printer with modular boards covered on all sides

2)      Can be easily customised to your choice of colours and patterns

* Won 2013 IDEA Gold Award

* Won 2014 iF Design Award in concept design


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