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ASUS releases new UK Layout Wired Chrome OS keyboard

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ASUS UK is pleased to announce today that the new UK Layout ASUS Wired Chrome OS keyboard and Optical Mouse peripheral set is now available. With the same layout for Chrome OS as you would normally find on a Chromebook, including the search key and dedicated function keys, ASUS now provides a UK layout solution to those using a equipment that isn’t designed to work with the speed and ease that Chrome OS provides.

The setup is designed for those utilising the Chrome OS in their business or at home with the dedicated Chromebox MiniPC, such as the ASUS Chromebox 3, or even with those using a hot-desk work solution with a portable Chrome OS devices, like the ASUS Chromebook series.  

The product is a great solution for those looking to expand their Chrome OS capability for their setups or for those waiting for the complete Chrome OS capable setup for their needs. Small and easily portable, whether you work remotely, at a shared office space or are looking to make your IT infrastructure more accessible and portable, the new ASUS Wired Chrome OS Keyboard and Mouse make the perfect companions for your Chrome OS systems.

The new set comes with two USB-Type A peripherals including a QWERTY, UK layout black keyboard, and a USB-Type A optical mouse, all at an incredibly affordable price. Available on the ASUS UK store and other etailers, the UK layout keyboard is available for £29.99 RRP and works with any compatible Chrome OS device. At present the UK layout is the only one available but other regional layouts across Europe and the US are expected to come in the future.

For more information and a link to the store page, please see below: