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CHERRY MX Developer Kit

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Auerbach, October 19, 2017 - CHERRY, market leader and expert in mechanical keyboard switches, presents their Developer Kit, which contains a special set of 110 individual MX switches. This allows enthusiasts to create the keyboard of their dreams by adjusting any existing keyboard, from TKL to extended layout. The CHERRY MX Developer Kit will initially be offered in two switch versions.

Developer Kit for enthusiasts and individualists

The new CHERRY MX Developer Kit offers keyboard developers, enthusiasts and fans of the best mechanical switches on the market easy access to individual switches, and with it the possibility to effortlessly build customised keyboards to their own preferences. Packaged in a beautifully designed box, the 110 key switches are easily accessible. CHERRY has built a website that reveals further details about the set, the switch types and their design and use. This developer page is accessible at

CHERRY MX Silent Black and MX Speed Silver

Initially, the Developer Kit will be offered in two switch versions. One contains a full set of CHERRY MX Silent Black switches with patented noise dampening and a linear switch characteristic. These are ideal to build silent keyboards for office or gaming. The second version of the Developer Kit contains a set of CHERRY MX Speed Silver switches, which have a short pre-travel of 1.2 millimeters for lightning-fast key response. These switches are ideal for fans of first person shooters, but will also feel at home in office scenarios where the keyboard is used by quick or fanatical typists.

Precise technology and Gold Crosspoint-contacts

As you’d expect, the switches in the Developer Kit adhere to the highest quality standards and offer unrivaled precision as well as CHERRY’s unique Gold Crosspoint-contact technology. The guaranteed lifespan of over 50 million key presses without degradation in switch quality is another important aspect of these MX switches.

Global availability

The Developer Kit will be globally available through at a suggested retail price of € 40. The switches included in this set have the black standard housing for frame mounting, without fixing pins. Single key switches, including CHERRY MX Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Clear, Silent and Speed, can be bought at as well as Arrow Electronics and Greendich Enterprise.


CHERRY, with its headquarters in Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer input devices with an emphasis on office, industrial and security markets, as well as switches for mechanical keyboards among others for PC gaming.