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Bigfoot Networks KillerTM 2100 ships in Alienware gaming computers

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Alienware (NASDAQ:DELL), Bigfoot Networks

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Bigfoot Networks, the networking company behind the KillerTM line of gaming network cards, today announced that Dell is now selling the award winning KillerTM 2100 in its latest Alienware desktop computers. Dell's Alienware gaming brand delivers peak performance for PC gaming enthusiasts with maximum performance, aggressive designs and unmatched customisation and personalisation. KillerTM 2100 improves networking speed, intelligence and control, enabling online game players to achieve quicker response times, better in-game performance and higher scores. This combination of technologies results in the ultimate online gaming advantage.
"Online gamers demand exceptional network performance," said Frank Azor, product planning manager at Alienware. "The combination of Alienware PCs and the Bigfoot Networks KillerTM 2100 gaming network card represents a lethal combination -- maximising performance for more frags, faster leveling and higher scores."
"Your PC's ability to efficiently handle network traffic is critical for maximum gaming responsiveness," said Michael Howse, CEO, Bigfoot Networks. "With KillerTM 2100, users can be confident they have the fastest network card available for online gaming. With KillerTM 2100 in Alienware gaming PCs, gamers can truly create an exceptional online gaming system."
KillerTM 2100 gaming network cards are configurable in Dell's Alienware line of desktop PCs now available at <>  including the Alienware Aurora, Aurora ALX, Area-51 and Area-51 ALX desktops. KillerTM 2100 is also available as a direct purchase <>  upgrade from

For more details on Bigfoot Networks KillerTM 2100 gaming network card, please visit
Come experience Bigfoot Networks KillerTM 2100 gaming network cards in action inside the latest Alienware desktop PCs during the QUAKE LIVETM tournaments at QuakeCon® 2010 <> , August 12-15 at the Hotel Anatole in Dallas, Texas. Alienware PCs and KillerTM 2100 cards will be at the centre of the three pro and amateur tournaments, where players will vie for more than $50,000 in prize money -- including the Intel® Masters Championship, the Capture the Flag (CTF) Tournament and the Open Tournament.
About Bigfoot Networks

Bigfoot Networks is a leading networking technology company that develops hardware and software solutions that significantly improve the online gaming experience. Its products are designed to provide maximum network performance for online gaming and other real time applications.

To learn more, visit Bigfoot Networks at