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ELSA targets home users with launch of Vianect WLAN

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ELSA targets home users with launch of
Vianect WLAN

networking products

UK homes can now benefit from broadband Internet, Ethernet

and WiFi wireless LAN solutions

THEALE, October 3 2001 - Networking vendor ELSA has launched

its new range of easy to use, digital home networking products, branded

Vianect. This versatile range aims to drive networking uptake in the UK's

25m homes, over one third of which are already connected to the Internet. 

Peter Huddleston, product manager for ELSA commented, "The

ELSA Vianect WLAN range offers home users a flexible network with no more

'cable spaghetti'. This allows Internet access via a laptop from the sofa

or, with a range of up to 300m, the end of the garden.  With 11Mbps

transmission, the network will handle multimedia traffic and multiple

concurrent access, so the kids can watch film trailers on the PC at the same

time as Dad is sending a report back to the office via his laptop.  Home

networking is a ripe market as broadband access rolls out across the UK,

with 100 per cent of BT exchanges to be ADSL-enabled by end 2001.  ELSA is

one of the first vendors to realistically serve this market with a complete,

cost-effective, plug-and-play solution." 

The ELSA Vianect WLAN Access Point (AP) features an 11Mbps

wireless access point with serial/Ethernet connectivity.  This allows it to

be plugged straight into the user's Internet access device, or alternatively

work through the Ethernet LAN.  It has a range of up to 300m outdoor, or

indoor, and retails at £229.99 inc. VAT with a two-year warranty.

The ELSA Vianect WLAN MC, a PCMCIA wireless adapter card

that also runs at 11Mbps, can be used with laptops or webPADs, like the ELSA

Logboard, a compact wireless touchscreen device, to afford flexible wireless

access.  By supporting the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard, the ELSA Vianect

WLAN MC can be used when travelling for wireless log-in to a company network

or at public spots such as airports or hotels.  It retails at £109.99 inc.

VAT with a two-year warranty.

The ELSA Vianect WLAN Starter Kit bundles the above two

products, including Wi-Fi PCMCIA card, Wi-Fi access point, power adapter and

Ethernet cable, and retails at £299.99 inc. VAT with a two-year warranty.

It allows resellers, integrators and home users a quick foothold into the

home digital networking market at an extremely attractive price.


ELSA is one of the leading providers of Internet access and

computer graphics solutions for the PC. Its product range includes modems,

ISDN adapters, ISDN and DSL routers, videoconferencing systems, graphics

boards and monitors. ELSA was founded in 1980 and today has around 600

employees. In addition to its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, it also

maintains subsidiaries in San José (USA), Taipei (Taiwan) and Tokyo (Japan)

as well as in London (UK), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain),

Stockholm (Sweden) and Eke (Belgium). Since June 1998, ELSA AG shares are

traded on the "Neuer Markt" trading segment (WKN 507 360) of the

stock exchange in Germany.

ELSA G.B. Ltd, 1210 Parkview, Arlington Business Park,

Theale, Berks RG7 4TY

Tel: 0118 965 7755  Fax: 0118 965 7756

Freephone sales no.: 0800 056 34 45

Web site: