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D-Link announces the availability of Nuclias Connect

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Nuclias Connect offers centralised configuration, monitoring and flexible on-the-move network management for SMBs, enterprises and Managed Service Providers

London, UK, 21 October 2019 – D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, has today announced the availability of its free remote Network management Platform - Nuclias Connect; helping small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs), better manage networks in the cloud era. Launched earlier this year to a global audience at Mobile World Congress, Nuclias Connect provides remote configuration, automated management, and on-the-go monitoring of networks. Fully compatible with a wide range of new and existing D-Link devices, Nuclias Connect brings network management to a new audience whilst providing the features and functionality required by MSPs to deliver new and better services to their customers.

A business’ network is the backbone of its operations, and it is critical to have the right IT infrastructure to drive operational success. Nuclias Connect provides SMBs and MSPs with complete remote control over Wi-Fi networks; offering a robust and customisable network management system that can be easily integrated into existing networks with D-Link’s portfolio of wireless Access Points (APs) and switches in the near future.

Nuclias Connect simplifies multiple site management through a single interface, with no additional subscription cost. Capable of being run on a local on-premise instance or hosted in a private cloud, Nuclias Connect enables the remote configuration,on-the-move management and monitoring of all access points and supported switches connected to the network.

“Nuclias Connect addresses two key market demands, the simplicity required by resellers to provide bespoke solutions their customers want, whilst also offering the advanced functionality expected by MSPs to provide remote network management. With Nuclias Connect, either segment can deliver new service offerings to their clients at a very minimal cost, whilst also cutting down the overhead of site visits,” said Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe.

Uniquely, Nuclias Connect management software is free to download and available at the D-Link website. Networks can be easily monitored with detailed status and usage overviews including access update, confirmation and traffic management features.

MSPs, SMBs and enterprises can install the Nuclias Connect management platform locally or in the private cloud, using D-Link’s simple installation process. Alternatively, the DNC-100 Nuclias Connect Hub is an inexpensive dedicated hardware controller, which is designed for 24/7 operation, with pre-loaded management services. 

The Nuclias Connect software features a dashboard with real-time network status and offers simple device configuration without the need to open firewall ports. These options are complemented by the Nuclias Connect App for iOS and Android, which offer rapid AP discovery and provisioning, monitoring and standalone set up for small installations.

Free to download from https://eu.dlink.com/uk/en/for-business/download-nuclias-connect

About D-Link 

D-Link has designed, developed and manufactured award-winning networking, wireless, video surveillance, storage and home automation solutions for 30 years. As a global leader in connectivity, D-Link is transforming business networks and equipping businesses to operate more efficiently. It is also a key enabler of the smart home, making it easy and affordable for people around the world to monitor, automate and control their home from anywhere, anytime using their smartphone or tablet.

D-Link’s extensive ranges of innovative, high-performing and intuitive technologies are available for both businesses and consumers through its global network of channel and retail partners and service providers.

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