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Introducing NETGEAR's GS110TPP Smart Managed Pro Switch

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In a single powerful switch, the GS110TPP combines Gigabit connectivity, more flexible power options with a greater PoE budget and cloud management capability

BRACKNELL, UK — June 25, 2019 — NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGR) the leading provider of networking products that power today’s small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has announced the availability of the new 10-port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro Switch (GS110TPP) designed to address the growing power budget networking needs of businesses.

NETGEAR Smart Managed Pro Switches offer powerful L2+ and L3 Lite features, great PoE functionality, and enhanced performance and usability. Smart Managed Pro switches are purpose built for converged networks where voice, video and data are all carried across a single network platform. Optimized for network efficiency, operational cost savings, and ease of management, these switches are the ideal solution for the most advanced small and medium organizations that are seeking the best combination of features, performance, and value.

The GS110TPP has 10 Gigabit RJ-45 ports including 8 PoE+ ports  for deployment of modern PoE devices. Each port provides up to 30 watts of power with a total PoE power budget of 120W, which is ideal for the deployment of devices that require power as well as network connectivity, such as wireless access points, both Pan-Tilt-Zoom and fixed IP Cameras, VoIP Phones, security door locks or any other PoE-powered device.

“The market is migrating to PoE switches with the boom of IoT products that can now be powered via Ethernet. According to a recent report published by Global Market Insights, Inc., PoE solutions Market size is set to exceed USD 2 billion by 2025[1],” said Richard Jonker, vice president of SMB product line management for NETGEAR. “This latest addition to the NETGEAR line up of Smart Managed Switches with its greater power budget and the flexibility to adapt for future power needs addresses this growing market need. The GS110TPP  is an excellent investment for a business building out their network due to its inherent future-proof capability.”

Integrating the industry-leading NETGEAR FlexPoE technology, which enables the capability to increase the power budget of a switch to 190W by simply upgrading the power supply, the NETGEAR GS110TPP is well equipped to grow with a business as their needs change. Designed to cool without the use of a fan, the GS110TPP will provide silent operation, which is well-suited for use under a desktop and includes hardware for wall mounting as well. This new NETGEAR 10-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Pro switch GS110TPP delivers a higher PoE budget and includes centralised cloud management activation for easy and informative real-time updates on the health of the network.

In order to provide additional flexibility, the GS110TPP Smart Managed Pro switch includes Single Sign-On registration for firmware and security updates and warranty entitlement; Remote/Cloud Management capability with NETGEAR Insight™ as optional management mode.

NETGEAR Insight™ Cloud management enables fundamental management features allowing businesses simpler configuration and deployment from anywhere using the NETGEAR Insight app from mobile devices, such as smart phones or tablets,  or the Insight Cloud Portal from any device with a web browser. With NETGEAR Insight, businesses can quickly discover, set up, receive notifications, monitor and manage their Insight Managed Switches, VPN Routers, Network Storage and Wireless Access Points. They will be informed the minute something happens to your network device and have network management capabilities as if they were standing right in front of it, whether at home, in the office, on the road, or at the beach.


The new NETGEAR Smart Managed Pro 10-port PoE Switch GS110TPP is currently available worldwide from NETGEAR.com and approved vendors for a manufacturer’s suggested price of RRP £169.99.

About NETGEAR, Inc.

NETGEAR (NASDAQ: NTGR) is a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers. The Company's products are built on a variety of proven technologies such as wireless (WiFi and LTE), Ethernet and powerline, with a focus on reliability and ease-of-use. The product line consists of wired and wireless devices that enable networking, broadband access and network connectivity. These products are available in multiple configurations to address the needs of the end-users in each geographic region in which the Company's products are sold. NETGEAR products are sold in approximately 23,000 retail locations around the globe, and through approximately 22,000 value-added resellers, as well as multiple major cable, mobile and wireline service providers around the world. The company's headquarters are in San Jose, Calif., with additional offices in approximately 25 countries. More information is available from the NETGEAR investor page or by calling (408) 907-8000. Connect with NETGEAR on TwitterFacebook and our blog

[1] Global Market Insights, Inc., “Global PoE Solutions Market Size” -  May 27, 2019