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Wirelessly print, back up files, or listen to music with Belkin’s new wireless USB hub

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Amsterdam, 6 February 2008 - Belkin now has the first CE certified Wireless USB product for Europe. Belkin’s 4-port Wireless USB Hub gives you wireless access to your USB devices without the clutter of cables. The Wireless USB hub lets you wirelessly connect all your USB devices to your computer. Simply plug your USB devices, such as your printer and hard drive, into the Wireless USB Hub. Then, attach the included USB Adapter to your computer. After that you are free to roam the room with your laptop while still maintaining 10 meter of wireless access to your USB devices. You can print, play music, scan, download photos and burn CDs from anywhere in the room without the hassle of connecting cables. Belkin’s hub lets you move your printer, scanner, and storage drive off your desk to make it less-cluttered.
This product consists of Wireless USB Hub, Wireless USB Adapter, Power Adapter, and Wireless USB Adapter Dock

The product will be available in April 2008.

Wireless USB Hub (F5U302ea) £ 129.99

  • Connect USB printers, cameras, scanners, hard drives, and other devices to your computer
  • Transfer at speeds up to 480Mbps
  • Certified Wireless USB

The Belkin Wireless USB Hub CE Certified and shows compliance to the draft ETSI standard and EC requirements. The wireless USB technology is a class 1 product approved by the European Commission.