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NETGEAR ReadyNAS™ Duo Brings Award-Winning Intelligent Network Storage Technology to Consumers Delivering Best-in-Class Performance in an Easy-to-Use Solution for Storing, Sharing and Protecting Valuable Digital Media in the Connected Home

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LAS VEGAS - January 6, 2008 - NETGEAR, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR), a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking solutions, today announced the launch of the ReadyNAS Duo 500GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2150), ReadyNAS Duo 750GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2175) and ReadyNAS Duo 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2110) solutions, the first members of the award-winning ReadyNAS family of network-attached storage solutions designed to meet the digital storage needs of today’s connected home.  ReadyNAS Duo brings the award-winning, patent-pending storage technology of the business-class ReadyNAS NV+ down to consumers who demand secure data protection, scalability, and ease of operation, in an intelligent, affordable network storage solution that enables consumers to centralize, organize and share all digital media in the home with best-in-class performance, scalability, versatility, and data redundancy.

ReadyNAS Duo, which supports up to two SATA hard drives, utilizes powerful embedded software that enables users to centrally and securely store and access digital media on the home network.  By simply connecting any USB-enabled digital camera to the front-mounted USB port, ReadyNAS Duo quickly and easily copies the photos and makes them available to computers, PDAs and other network-enabled devices in the home or across the internet.  In addition to the users’ personal stored digital audio and video content, ReadyNAS Duo also provides integrated support for BitTorrent™ enabling users to download digital entertainment content directly to the ReadyNAS Duo and stream all stored audio and video content through a media adapter (such as the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer HD) into a home entertainment center without requiring any of the network computers to be on and in use.

To protect valuable digital media, ReadyNAS Duo, when equipped with the optional second drive, automatically mirrors all digital data to protect against data loss due to a disk failure.  In addition, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup further ensures the security of a users’ data by monitoring the data for changes and automatically saving it as it changes on the computer. Easy-to-install and use, the self-managing and monitoring ReadyNAS Duo comes complete with a Setup Wizard to get the NAS configured quickly on any home network, is administered via a graphical web browser-based interface and conducts automatic online firmware updates.  ReadyNAS Duo, which performs periodic checks to insure data integrity and safely shuts itself down in the event of any detected abnormalities, offers password protection to restrict access to data where needed.

The ReadyNAS Duo, which works equally well with Windows Vista machines and Macintosh clients, incorporates unique Apple technologies such as Bonjour and AFP as well as a desktop widget to facilitate monitoring and accessing the ReadyNAS.  The Duo has been designed from the ground up to support the needs of graphic arts and photography professionals who prefer the Macintosh platform.  Once a file is saved on the ReadyNAS, it can be easily transferred and shared between Windows- and Macintosh-based machines.

“With the rapid emergence and adoption of consumer devices that create and utilize a seemingly endless array of digital media, consumers not only need higher capacity storage solutions that offer protection for that often irreplaceable data, but they need a solution that enables them to access, enjoy and share it with friends and family both inside the home and even across the Internet,” explained Paul Tien, Vice President and General Manager for NETGEAR’s Network Storage Unit.  “The success of the business-class ReadyNAS NV+ has created a demand among business users for a more affordable, yet fully featured version, for use at home.  ReadyNAS Duo brings all of the key benefits of our business-class solution to consumers combining ease-of-use and native support for multiple operating systems, with fail-safe protection and business-class performance, to deliver the ideal affordable intelligent network attached storage solution for the advanced consumer market.”

The ReadyNAS product family includes:

  • RND2150 ReadyNAS Duo 500GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes one 500GB SATA drive);
  • RND2175 ReadyNAS Duo 750GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes one 750GB SATA drive);
  • RND2110 ReadyNAS Duo 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes one 1TB SATA drive);
  • RND4000 ReadyNAS NV+ 4-Bay Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (no drives included);
  • RND4250 ReadyNAS NV+ 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes two 500GB SATA drives);
  • RND4425 ReadyNAS NV+ 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes four 250GB SATA drives);
  • RND4275 ReadyNAS NV+ 1.5TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes two 750GB SATA drives);
  • RND4450 ReadyNAS NV+ 2TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes four 500GB SATA drives);
  • RND4210 ReadyNAS NV+ 2TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes two 1TB SATA drives);
  • RND4475 ReadyNAS NV+ 3TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes four 750GB SATA drives);
  • RND4410 ReadyNAS NV+ 4TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (includes four 1TB SATA drives);
  • RNR4450 ReadyNAS 1100 2TB Dual Gigabit Rackmount Network Storage (includes four 500GB SATA drives);
  • RNR4475 ReadyNAS 1100 3TB Dual Gigabit Rackmount Network Storage (includes four 750GB SATA drives);
  • RNR4410 ReadyNAS 1100 4TB Dual Gigabit Rackmount Network Storage (includes four 1TB SATA drives); 

About the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo 2-Bay Gigabit Desktop Network Storage Solutions
The NETGEAR family of ReadyNAS™ Duo 2-Bay Gigabit Desktop Network Storage solutions are smart network attached storage servers that combine robust file serving, support for access by multiple operating systems, and data redundancy with out-of-box ease of deployment and web-based management.

Featuring an integrated Gigabit Ethernet interface for fast data transfers, the ultra-compact ReadyNAS Duo enables users to centrally store music, photos, data files, and videos to make the transfer and sharing of digital data across the network fast and easy. ReadyNAS Duo provides seamless clientless support for Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix clients, as well as FTP and HTTP support, enabling it to integrate easily and seamlessly into any network environment. ReadyNAS Duo supports all popular streaming media protocols such as UPnP AV, iTunes and Logitech Squeezecenter enabling users to stream audio and video files directly into the home entertainment center without the need for a separate networked computer.

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo is packed with high-end storage server features including hardware accelerated X-RAID™, ensuring full data redundancy with protection against hardware failure, hot-swappable hard disks, built-in backup manager, system monitoring and automatic alerting capabilities. In addition, ReadyNAS Duo supports UPnP AV multimedia access, an iTunes server, HTTP/S remote access, FTP/S transfers, SSL and ACL security, and multiple USB ports.

ReadyNAS Duo, which supports up to two SATA drives, provides users with up to two terabytes (2000 GB) of raw storage, making it an ideal solution for the growing data storage needs of consumers in today’s connected homes. As users’ data storage needs grow, ReadyNAS Duo enables Plug and Play expansion for easy migration to the business-class ReadyNAS NV+ Gigabit Desktop Network Storage solutions.  NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS products incorporate patent-pending X-RAID™ technology to automate the data redundancy process to provide the ultimate protection for the consumers’ valuable digital data.

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo, which comes with NTI Shadow Backup Software to automate data backup from networked computers, is backed by a three-year hardware warranty and will be available in late Q1 2008 via leading retailers, direct marketers, e-commerce sites and value added resellers, at a retail price in the U.S. starting at $499 including one 500GB drive.