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TRENDnet launches EdgeSmart Series managed switches

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TORRANCE, Calif. - Sept. 11, 2017 - TRENDnet® (www.TRENDnet.com), a global leader in reliable SMB and consumer networking and surveillance solutions, announced today the launch of their new product category, the EdgeSmartT Series switches. EdgeSmart switches are designed with only the most commonly used managed switch features to reduce unnecessary switch complexity. The new line of EdgeSmart products launches with TRENDnet's 8-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart PoE+ Switch, model TPE-TG44ES.

Each EdgeSmart switch features an easy-to-use web-based management interface for traffic control, troubleshooting, access controls, and monitoring. TRENDnet's EdgeSmart switches support LACP, VLAN, QoS, and IGMP snooping; bandwidth control per port; and IEEE 802.1p QoS with queue scheduling.

"The EdgeSmart switches add network control and management at the edge of your network." said Evan Davis, senior manager of solutions engineering at TRENDnet. "These switches are ideally designed for simple networks found in most small and medium business, by focusing on just the primary features needed."

TRENDnet's 8-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart PoE+ Switch (TPE-TG44ES) features four gigabit PoE+ ports and four standard PoE ports. This switch is designed for high-speed gigabit PoE+ applications with devices such as high-power wireless access points, advanced IP cameras, and VoIP telephony systems.

TRENDnet currently plans to add three additional EdgeSmart switches, including two industrial switches, and a PoE+ powered switch. Each EdgeSmart switch is a cost-effective network solution designed to perform core management functions for simplified network management. All of TRENDnet's EdgeSmart switches will be available online on the TRENDnet store and worldwide through authorized distribution and retail partners.

8-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart PoE+ Switch, TPE-TG44ES

  • 4 x Gigabit PoE+ ports
  • 4 x Gigabit ports
  • 60W PoE power budget
  • 16Gbps switching capacity
  • Compact fanless design
  • Wall mountable metal housing
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Product page: www.trendnet.com/store/TPE-TG44ES
  • MSRP: USD $114.99
  • Availability: October 2017

8-Port 10G EdgeSmart Switch, model TEG-7080ES

  • 8 x 10G ports
  • 5 selectable speeds (supports 100/1000/2500/5000/10000 speeds)
  • 10Gbps switching capacity
  • Compact fanless design
  • Availability: October/November 2017

10-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ EdgeSmart DIN-Rail Switch, TI-PG102ES

  • 8 x Gigabit PoE+ ports
  • 2 x dedicated SFP slots
  • 240W PoE budget with 48V power supply / 120W with 24V power supply
  • 20Gbps switching capacity
  • Availability: December 2017

16-Port Industrial Gigabit EdgeSmart DIN-Rail Switch, TI-G160ES

  • 16 x Gigabit ports
  • 32Gbps switching capacity
  • Availability: December 2017

5-Port PD-Powered Gigabit PoE EdgeSmart Switch, TPE-P521ES

  • 5 x Gigabit PoE ports
  • PoE+ Powered Switch
  • 1 x PoE+ PD (powered by PoE+ switch or injector)
  • 2 x PoE PSE (up to 15.4W per port)
  • 18W PoE power budget
  • 10Gbps switching capacity
  • Availability: January/February 2018

About TRENDnet

TRENDnet is a global provider of award-winning networking and surveillance solutions to small and medium-sized business and home users. Building networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet enables users to share broadband access, multimedia content and networked peripherals for true anywhere connectivity. TRENDnet's diverse product portfolio includes Wireless, Internet Cameras (IP Cameras), Switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Fiber, Gigabit, Home Automation, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM), Print Servers, Powerline, NAS Media Servers, Multimedia Accessories, and more. To learn more about TRENDnet, please visit www.trendnet.com