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Synology® Debuts an Array of Cutting-Edge Products and Advanced Applications during Computex

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Introducing Synology’s first Security Gateway, backup applications for G Suite/Office 365, smart retail surveillance solution , and brand new NAS models.

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom — 2nd June 2017 — Synology® has unveiled new products and software solutions at their private Solution Exhibition located at the Taipei Eslite Xin-Yi Store during Computex 2017. Highlights of the exhibition include an all-new network security product line Security Gateway, OS-level virtualisation applications, backup solutions for G Suite/Office 365, seamless collaboration tools for businesses, retail surveillance solutions,  and  more.  In  addition,  a  pioneering  desktop  all-flash  array  FS1018,  new  DiskStation  models  powered  by  the new-generation  Intel® processor DS918+ and DS718+, and surveillance-dedicated NVR1218 and VS960HD are also introduced to the public for the first time. 

“Synology  continuously  observes  the  market  and  business user’s needs –  network  security,  data  protection  and  disaster  recovery,  and  high performance  storage  and  productivity  applications,” says  Vic  Hsu,  CEO  at  Synology  Inc.,  “we  answer  with  agile  software  development.  This exhibition  demonstrates  our  game-changing  achievements  in  Networking,  Application,  and  Storage,  with  a  series  of  new  models  and  exciting applications that satisfy a wide range of enterprises’ deployment needs.”

Unveiling Synology’s all-new network security product line for a levelled-up global enterprise network.

After the success of the award-winning router series RT1900ac  and RT2600ac, Synology once again demonstrates its strength and expertise in the networking  area,  introducing  an  all-new  network  security  product  targeting  SMBs  and enterprises’  oversea  offices ─ Security  Gateway  SG1000. Equipped with a dual-core processor and 2GB RAM, SG1000 comes with Synology’s exclusive hardware acceleration engine to boost performance of layer 7 firewall. NSM (Network System Manager), its dedicated operating system, comes with advanced network security features such as support for  VLAN,  intuitive  graphic  dashboard,  object-based  management,  while  supporting  VPN  and  DNS  server to  optimise  the  efficiency  of  network management. In addition, a major upgrade is introduced to Synology Router RT1900ac and RT2600ac, with Site-to-Site VPN offered by VPN Plus to enable intranet service between different office locations and WDS support to extend Wi-Fi signal coverage. 

All-around upgrade to virtualisation, data security and smart surveillance

Virtual Machine Manager is launched to allow flexible resource allocation and deployment. Windows, Linux and the DSM virtual  machines can now run directly on top of the host DSM, which further offers snapshot and live migration for OS -level protection. Synology Active Backup is the first to introduce support for Office 360 and G Suite backup for business, further extending the  coverage of Synology’s centralised data protection strategies to the cloud platforms. The latest Synology Surveillance Station 8.1 brings a total solution for retail customers by integrating with POS systems, allowing transaction information to be logged together with surveillance video footage. In home surveillance areas, users can   now enjoy the brand new home/away  mode toggle and intercom support. What’s more, the newly introduced Presto File Server, the very first application to be powered by  SITA  (Synology  Internet  Transfer  Accelerator), remarkably shortens the  time  required  for  transferring  massive  digital  data  over  WAN, while ensuring secure and simple deployment and management. Synology has also introduced a series of upgrades of Collaboration Suite to effectively enhance business productivity.

Debuting new storage models for even more flexible and comprehensive deployment

As  a  leading  NAS  vendor,  new  models,  including  its  first  desktop  all-flash  storage  array  FS1018, first  6-bay  NAS  DS3018xs,  and DS718+  and DS918+, which are powered by the new generation Intel® Celeron®, are added to the critically acclaimed  NAS series to provide higher flexibility for users’ deployment.

Synology at a Glance

Synology  creates  network  attached  storage,  IP  surveillance  solutions,  and  network  equipment  that  transform  the  way  users  manage  data, conduct surveillance, and manage network in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralise data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, implement professional surveillance solutions, and manage network in reliable and affordable ways.

Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer service.