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CrossFire™ Xpress 3200: Backbone of the Enthusiastic PC

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PC Partner Ltd is pleased to announce its shipment of RD580AK9-A79D, the most exciting and technological advanced motherboard in this year. The RD580AK9-A79D is based on ATI CrossFire™ Xpress 3200 Chipset, designed to optimize the performance of the AMD® Athlon 64/FX processor, with superior buffering and deeper pipelining for a stable, long- ife platform. Features on board include Dual GPU PCI-Express x16 slots, Dual Channel DDR SDRAM, SATA & SATA II Controller, High Definition Audio & Gigabit LAN.

Features of ATI® RD580AK9-A79D Motherboard:-

• Supports AMD® microprocessors Athlon® 64, Athlon® 64-X2 and Athlon® 64-FX in socket 939 package.
System Memory
• Up to 4.0 GB of DDR 400MHz SDRAM running Dual Channel 128-bit
Multi-GPU PCI Express interface
• Two 16-lane PCI Express port with CrossFire™ Multi-GPU support
On Board I/O
• On board IDE ports supporting up to 4 Ultra ATA133 IDE devices
• One ECP/EPP parallel port
• One floppy port
• PS/2 keyboard connector
• PS/2 mouse is supported
• Eight USB2.0 ports
On Board Gigabit LAN Controller
• MARVELL 88E8052 PCI Express Gigabit LAN
On board High Definition Audio (ALC880) Sound
• 8 Channels 7.1 High Definition Audio solution
• Fully Sound Blaster compatible
Serial ATA host Controller
• Supports four SATA ports, with RAID 0/1 feature support
• Data transfer rate of 150MB/s
Serial ATA-II host Controller
• Independent DMA operation on two ports, with RAID 0/1 features support
• Data transfer rates of 300Mb/s
Expansion slots
• 2 PCI Express x16 Slots
• 2 PCI Express x1 Slots
• 2 PCI bus master slots

About PC Partner Ltd.

PC Partner Ltd is a world-class computer & digital electronic products manufacturer and EMS provider. With excellent manufacturing and R&D capacity, we are dedicated in design and development of advanced Mainboards and Consumer Electronics products. Our products and services cover fields of media PC, home entertainment, digital audio & video, data storage and telecommunications. Today, PC Partner directed its presence of multi-technology business globally. Worldwide clients include top tiers OEMs, Value-Added Distributors, Corporate VARs, System Builders and Retail chain giants. For more information, visit PC Partner Web site: www.pcpartner.com.