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With Its Consistent Commitment to Quality, the Leading Chip Maker SiS Is Vitally Evolving

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With Its Consistent Commitment to Quality, the Leading Chip Maker SiS Is Vitally Evolving in the Radically Changing World

Welcome to visit SiS at Computex Taipei 2005

Taipei, May 31, 2005 – Silicon Integrated System Corp. (SiS) announces today that SiS will roll out a variety of marketing innovations and proactively introduce its significant achievement to international exhibitors and participants during Computex Taipei, the world’s second largest computer-related product exhibition, demonstrating the evidence that SiS has been engaged in the chip sector for quite a long time. This initiative symbolizes the vigorous attempts of SiS that will profoundly impress all of the participants and exhibitors in the grand event.

Being one of the three largest computer chip manufacturers in the world, SiS has launched the development of chips for nearly two decades and made a magnificent contribution to Taiwan’s IT industry. For the past 18 years SiS has undergone steady growth, despite there have been turbulent changes of chip design, and adhered to its core value of being “a leading chip maker with consistent commitment to quality”. On the eve of 25th Anniversary of Computex Taipei, “SiS is vitally evolving in the radically changing world”, said Daniel Chen, President & CEO of SiS. Chen commented, “That’s what we truly are”, as he recalled the initial stage when SiS launched the chip development. President Daniel Chen, an entrepreneur coming from the IT industry, looks forward to driving the company further towards market leadership. For this reason, SiS has aggressively participated in various activities in addition to reinforcing its solid research capability. Last March, for instance, SiS exclusively sponsored the debut of “Taiwan Night” at the Munich Hall during the CeBIT Exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The hilarious spectacle of the campaign has remained imprinted in the memory of Taiwan and foreign media, international customers, associated manufacturers, and international visitors.

In “SiS Taiwan Night” at the CeBIT Exhibition, the bright chartreuse corporate logo of SiS was seen everywhere with diverse promotional materials such as T-shirts, balloons, table napkins, small dinner flags, and billboards attracting visitors upon their entering the exhibition hall. Robert Chin, SiS Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Sales and FAE, was invited by the host organization –Taipei City Computer Association – to give a speech on the occasio. In front of over 4,000 international audience, Chin promoted Computex Taipei, the world’s second largest computer exhibition to be held in May, in his lecture and guided the entire audience together to encourage Taiwan’s IT industry with their sonorous voice. Suddenly the thunder-like cheering sound caused a great sensation in the exhibition hall, reaching a climax of the night. International audience began to inquire about Taiwan’s SiS, and praise the company with all their hearts. And SiS T-shirts were all picked up by the guests all at once. This successful "corporation diplomacy" also made an impact on Taiwan visitors, including news media, customers, and suppliers/manufacturers, who were dramatically moved and impressed by such a great performance.

In Computex 2005, SiS will make an even bigger breakthrough and deliver more innovations. To provide easy access for customers, SiS will move its exhibition booth from the usual TWTC Hall 1 to TWTC Hall 2, the same exhibition hall for motherboard buyers. This considerate arrangement will spare the time coming between the exhibition venues for customers. In terms of the exhibition products, SiS is focusing on a new array of products that “synchronize with the global development trends” in Computex this year, including Dual Core Processor, PCIe Graphic Display and Peripheral Specifications, DDR2 Memory, WLAN, Gb Ethernet and 64-bit Operating System’s related products such as SiS656FX, SiS656, SiS756, SiS761GX, SiS649FX, SiS649, and SiS741CX north bridge chips, and SiS966, SiS966L south bridge chips. These chips that have been used by the customers in the related motherboard, desktop computer, or notebook computer will all be displayed. Aside from the above, the embedded system platform of SiS741CX chip with AMD Geode™ NX CPUs and a full range of wireless network solutions with new specification interface like 802.11b/g or 802.11a/b/g ,will also be the highlight of the exhibition event. And, of course, we will invite energetic show girls to spotlight our prominent products with their ingenious performance in the tradeshow, which will be different from the past. Furthermore, SiS will cooperate with its customers like ECS, GIGABYTE, ASROCK, MSI, and AOPEN in distributing petit gifts to visitors. The elegant design of the gifts also justifies SiS’s attentive preparation for the exhibition.

Moreover, SiS has expanded its exhibition booth and, for the first time, extended the E118 Exhibition Booth at the TWTC Hall 2 to Room 1007, 10th Floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, to showcase SiS’s latest products and cutting-edge technologies, such that foreign buyers and suppliers may enjoy their business talks in a more comfortable and quiet meeting venue, which is quite different from long and boring seminars held by the competitors. We have specially leased two well-decorated shuttle buses running between the four exhibitions halls for visitors. This special offering will be free of charge and the buses will be routed through the three exhibition halls, Taipei International Convention Center, and the MRT City Hall station, allowing visitors freely enjoying themselves during Computex 2005.

Welcome to visit SiS at Computex Taipei and share with us the 18-year development history and brand new innovations of SiS.