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SiS to show new products at CeBIT 2005

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PCI Express chipset series takes center stage

Taipei, March 10, 2006 --- Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) today announced that the company will be showing the accomplishments of its R&D innovation in chipset design at the upcoming CeBIT computer exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The highlights of the SiS exhibit will be centered on the new PCI Express technology, and SiS will show a wide range of new PCI Express-compatible chipsets including SiS656, SiS649, SiS649MX, SiS756, SiS761GX, SiSM761GX, SiS966, SiS965 and SiS965L.

With the new PCI Express specification set to revolutionize the industry, SiS is staying one step ahead by developing an entire new line of chipsets that support PCI Express. Already in mass production, the SiS656, SiS649 and SiS756 PCI Express chipsets provide a full range of products for both the Intel® Pentium® 4 and AMD Athlon™64 FX platforms. Customers in Europe, Japan, the Americas and Taiwan, having a range of chipset options for the PCI Express specification, have begun developing products built on the new SiS PCI Express chipsets. Soon, SiS PCI Express chipsets will be found in desktop and notebook computer motherboards everywhere. SiS gives full credit for this considerable achievement to the outstanding efforts of the SiS R&D team and its remarkable technology innovation capabilities.

The SiS exhibit will be divided into three sections: two live demo areas and one static demo area will display the performance and mass appeal of SiS products. The first dynamic display area will demonstrate the PCI Express platforms' outstanding performance, while the second area will show desktop computer systems, notebooks and embedded system platforms. The static display area will include a wall of customer motherboards and wireless Internet platforms based on SiS products.

The live demo area will present Intel® Pentium® 4 systems based on the SiS656/965 chipsets, AMD Athlon™64 FX platforms based on the SiS756/965 chipsets and SiS163 integrated WLAN chipset. The products will demonstrate the appeal of the PCI Express specification, attracting crowds to admire SiS’s industry-leading technologies.

The SiS649 northbridge supports the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor and provides PCI Express technology with single-channel memory architecture. It is compatible with both single-channel DDR2 and DDR SDRAM. The SiS649 northbridge provides a cost-efficient consumer solution that also demonstrates the excellent performance and user-friendly design of SiS’s technologies. Several major motherboard manufacturers have already begun designing products based on the SiS649 chip, including ASUS, ECS, Gigabyte, MSI, Foxconn, Fujitsu-Siemens, QDI and Time.

The SiS756 northbridge is currently the highest-end core logic chipset for the AMD Athlon™64 FX platform. It combines SiS’s exclusive HyperStreaming™ technology, which provides a substantial CPU performance increase, and its high degree of compatibility allows for implementation of different modes based on varying response requirements during operation. The SiS756 provides an outstanding user environment for the 64-bit platform and includes PCI Express compatibility for high-end graphics users. Currently, a number of motherboard manufacturers including Asus, ECS, Foxconn, Twinhead and Uniwill are designing motherboards based on the SiS756 northbridge.

The SiS965 southbridge chip is the most advanced product on the market today that supports PCI Express, Serial ATA and Gigabit Ethernet specifications. Its innovative design puts it at the top of its class in performance, and its outstanding quality provides the maximum data transmission efficiency.

The live demo area will show desktop platforms including Intel® Pentium® 4 platforms with the SiS649/965 chipset and the SiS656/965 chipset, as well as AMD Athlon™64 FX platforms with the SiS756/965 chipset. Notebook platforms will include products from NEC and FSC built on the SiSM760, products from Clevo built on the SiSM661MX, products from Asus built on the SiSM760GX and SiSM756 chips, products from Arima and Averatec built on the SiSM760 chip, products from MSI built on the SiSM661MX chip, and products from ECS built on the SiSM661FX chip.

Embedded systems platforms are powered by the SiS741CX chipset coupled with an AMD Geode™ NX CPU. These are high-end embedded solution products that can be used with WinCE 5.0, Linux 2.6 and XP Embedded operating systems to provide a wide range of choices for consumers. Devices with the SiS741CX and the AMD Geode™ NX CPU outclass the competition in every category, from specifications to performance. The cooperation with AMD in development of the SiS741CX chipset marks a major milestone in cooperative development in embedded systems for SiS. In the future, these products will appear in a wide range of consumer products such as set-top boxes, handheld computers, industrial-use computers and digital home appliances.

The static display area will include a motherboard wall with motherboards using the SiS649, SiS761GX, SiS756, SiS760GX, SiS755 and SiS760 chipsets from suppliers including ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Foxconn/WinFast, ECS, Fujitsu-Siemens, AOpen and ASRock. The collection of so many motherboards from so many different vendors will be an impressive sight for CeBIT visitors, but more importantly, will show the tireless efforts of the SiS development team in the field of core logic chipsets and the extent of cooperation between SiS and so many major suppliers across the industry.

Wireless products on display include 802.11a/b/g and 802.11b/g wireless products from Cameo, Global Sun, CC&C, TP-Link, KingNet, Qcom, Astarte and Alpha Network. The wireless devices based on the SiS163/163U MAC/BB chip cover a wide range of interface formats including USB Dongle, Module, Mini PCI and CF.

Finally, SiS announced that all products at this year’s CeBIT were designed and manufactured according to the latest European Union “Green Process” environmental regulations, which restrict the use of certain chemicals from electronics manufacturing processes. These chemicals include lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE. The “Green Process” concept is tied to SiS’s spirit of sustainable operations, and two years ago, SiS’s entire product design process was converted to environmentally friendly processing. SiS’s achievements in this area have already met with wide approval from Japanese customers, and today, all SiS products meet global standards for environmental protection. All SiS display areas at CeBIT this year include an environmentally friendly theme, and throughout the show visitors will see SiS’s commitment to the new EU environmental policies and to the preservation of the planet.