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SiS756/965 PCI Express Chipset Support Server and Workstation Platforms

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SiS' New PCI Express Chipset support AMD Opteron Processor, Offering the Most Cost Effective Platform Choice

Taipei, March 8, 2005---Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, today announced the release of SiS756/965 PCI Express chipset, a new choice for professional-grade servers and workstation platforms. This new high-quality product from SiS serves as the core logic chipset for AMD Opteron processor.

The SiS756/965 chipset offers a cost-effective solution, with a price set to accommodate upstart businesses seeking to purchase servers and workstation platforms. The SiS756/965 PCI Express chipset for servers and workstation platforms is compatible with 32-bit operating system, and allow for future upgrade to a 64-bit operating system – yet another demonstration of SiS' commitment to satisfying a wide range of users.

Addressing the need for data access efficiency in servers and workstations, the SiS756/965 chipset supports RAID 0,1, 0+1 and JBOD functions, providing users rapid access to hard disk data, intelligent redundant backup functionality, and secure file management. These functions eliminate problems such as slow data access speeds for IT service personnel, and alleviate the problem of data intrusion.

The SiS756/965 chipset's integrated Gigabit MAC controller offers speeds up to 1GB per second. With high-speed broadband networks, the SiS756/965 chipset offers the best quality and efficiency and meets all expectations when transferring large volumes of data. Designed for the real-time network packet, the SiS756/965 provides shared bandwidth, avoids slowed data transfer, and effectively relieves transfer bottlenecks, improving network connectivity.

In addition, the SiS756/965 chipset also supports new generation Serial ATA hard drives, which, in comparison with the SCSI interface design, allows for faster transmission speeds and more economical equipment costs, all at an optimal price.

The SiS756/965 chipset also supports both Windows Server 2003 and Linux platforms, and can support both 32 and 64 bit applications within the same environment.