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SiS Brings You New Explosion of AMD64 World

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Taipei, Taiwan, September 13, 2004---Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic and graphics chipsets, today announced NEC is presenting a new series desktop PC, Valuestar TZ, based on AMD Athlon™64 CPU and the latest products SiS760 and SiS964 core logic chipset which deliver high standard performance to the PC market.

SiS 760 is the world only one integrated chipset support AMD64 platform. By adopting SiS’ revolutionary Mirage™ 2 graphic core, SiS760 offers the best graphics performance for all the users of AMD 64-bit platform. Moreover, the outstanding stability, great overall performance, and incomparably advanced formats and functions really make SiS760 the best choice for AMD64 platform.

Besides the performance brought by hardware equipment, the Valuestar TZ series also bring the unbeatable stability to all users by unusually equipped the water-cooling system on the PC. With the built-in TV tuner, the NEC Valuestar TZ is more than just a PC with high performance, but a completely multimedia platform which is perfectly matched with modern lifestyle.

"To fulfill the expectation of all PC users, SiS keeps working on to the development and research work of the AMD platform product. The design-win case with NEC is the best illustration of SiS’s commitment to deliver best AMD solution to the market." Said Daniel Chen, president and CEO of SiS. "The unbeatable combination of SiS760/SiS964 chipsets and AMD64 CPU makes the NEC Valuestar TZ a ultimate choice for all PC users. By presenting this innovative product, we want to let all PC user can not only have a regular PC, but also own a perfect platform to enjoy the best multimedia service."

The NEC Valuestar TZ series is designed for Japan market exclusively, and this series models have been sold in local market since 2004 June. Please click here for more detail information about the NEC Valuestar TZ series products.