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Experience the Technological Might of SiS655TX

Tags: SiS (TPE:2363)

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Advanced HyperStreaming™ Engine technology, delivering even higher overall performance in comparison with HSE technology, supports the SiS655TX to offer the advanced intelligent data processing that maintains the best resource utilization across multiple operating environments. Advanced Stream Forwarding Acceleration technology breaks through the bottleneck of the traditional PC architecture wherein data transfer is limited by the need for synchronized streams. Hence, a significant decrease in time for signal transmission processing and latency is achieved to simultaneously improve both computer performance and efficiency.

The outstanding design of the Asus P4S800D-E motherboard has created new levels of stability and performance for dual-channel motherboards. The P4S800D-E motherboard employs SiS655TX as the Northbridge chipset, SiS964 as the Southbridge chipset, and the SiS180 as Serial ATA controller. In addition, the P4S800D-E supports the Asus Wi-Fi@Home platform. After pairing with two DDR400 memory modules, memory bandwidth is synchronizes with the P4 processor in perfection. By supporting a quad Serial ATA bus RAID configuration, two IEEE1394 ports, and eight USB 2.0 ports, the P4S800D-E motherboard offers unsurpassed bandwidth for high-speed data transfer.

ECS SP2 Extreme
The ECS SP2 Extreme motherboard utilizes SiS655TX and SiS964 chipsets, supports Intel® 800MHz FSB and the leading AHSE technology. SP2 Extreme provides unprecedented performance and speed across multiple computing environments. SP2 Extreme offers 8 USB 2.0 serial ports to fully satisfied the users’ need in peripheral expansion. Furthermore, the C-Media 9739A chipset provides 6-channel audio output and Digital SPDIF output, providing customers with more alternatives for quality products.

Gigabyte 8S655TX Ultra
The Gigabyte 8S655TX Ultra motherboard employs the new SiS655TX chipsets, which support Intel® 800MHz FSB processor, HT technology, dual-channel DDR400 memory, AGP 8X architecture, and the new AHSE technology to further enhance the stability and performance of the operating environment. Moreover, the 8S655TX Ultra series motherboard supports the Gigabit Ethernet connection, Serial-ATA, IEEE 1394, and IDE RAID functions.