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SiS Releases New Higher Performance, Lower Voltage

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – March 5, 2003 – Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic and graphics chipsets, today released the newest edition of its System-on-Chip (SoC), the SiS55x LV. Benefiting from the latest process technology, the SiS550 LV and SiS552 LV features higher performance with lower power consumption for a powerful yet cost-effective solution for the emerging embedded information appliance (IA) market.

The “LV” stands for “lower voltage,” the SiS55x LV achieves at least 55 percent reduction in power consumption over its predecessor, according to SiS tests. That is combined with a 25 percent improvement in CPU performance.

The SiS55x LV is a highly integrated solution, with an up to 250 MHz x86 / MMX compatible processor, high-performance North Bridge, advanced hardware GUI engine and Super-South Bridge, as well as integrated DRAM controller, Ultra-AGP VGA, advanced PCI hardware audio and software modem, CIR controller, among other features.

“With the increased performance, lower voltage and high integration of these products, we believe the 55x LV family is the most competitive x86-based SoC in the market,” said Yee-Wei Huang, director and general manager, Information Appliance Product Division, SiS. “We look forward to utilizing our state-of-the-art process technologies to help our customers bring new IA products to the market quickly and cost-effectively.”

SiS continues to provide a leadership position for System-on-Chip (SoC) with its 55x LV family of IA solutions. The SiS550 LV is suitable for a range of IA applications, including thin client servers, set-top-boxes, and kiosks. Furthermore, the SiS552 LV adds additional audio/video power, making it ideal for consumer products, such as smart displays, PVRs (Personal Video Recorder), DVRs (Digital Video Recorder), home theatre systems and VOD (voice-on-demand) systems. The SiS552 LV integrates a smart card controller, Sony memory stick controller, slice layer DVD decoding accelerator, video input port and consumer digital audio interface.

Importantly, the SiS55x LV design is pin-to-pin compatible with the current generation SiS55x, allowing for easy expansion in product design. Both solutions support Linux and Windows operating systems.

About SiS55x LV SoC solution
The SiS55x LV family specially features higher performance with low power consumption for the embedded information appliance (IA) market. Not only suitable for a range of IA applications including thin client servers, set-top-boxes, kiosk and IPC, the SiS55x LV is also the best solution to fulfill portable IA applications, such as E-book, Web-pad, and Pocket PC. The SiS552 LV combines SiS550 LV with Smart Card controller, Sony’s Memory Stick controller, Slice layer DVD Decoding accelerator, Video Input Port and Consumer Digital Audio Interface. With its advanced functions, the SiS552 LV enhances the developments of entertainment products such as Smart Display, PVR, DVR, STB, VOD and Home Theater.

The SiS55x LV family, a SoC total solution, integrates an x86 compatible processor, high performance North Bridge, advanced hardware GUI engine and Super-South bridge to support 2D graphic engine, DFP/TV out, TFT/DSTN, PCI/USB/IDE 5.1 channel audio, LPT/CIR controller and Flash ROM interface. Allowing for easy expansion in product design, the SiS55x LV design provides pin-to-pin compatible with the current generation SiS55x and the solution supports both Linux and Windows operating systems.