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Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) Opens Beijing Office

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Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) Opens Beijing Office

A New Step in its Global Deployment Strategy

October 23, 2002, Taipei, Taiwan – Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic and graphics products, announced today the opening of its Beijing office in Beijing’s Zhongguancun area, officially deploying into the mainland China market.

“Thinking globally while remaining rooted in Taiwan has always been the operating orientation of Silicon Integrated Systems,” said Samuel S. Liu, chairman, president & CEO of SiS. “The immense potential in China’s market and the continuing trend of economic growth over there have made China a place of strategic importance for all players. As our motherboard clients from Taiwan have established, one after another, their sales networks in mainland China, the number of SiS’s end clients in the mainland has also continued to increase. We are opening up our Beijing Office, after having our subsidiaries set up in the United States and Hong Kong, to better serve our local clients as well as to develop the local market.”

Located in Beijing’s Zhongguancun area, an IT industry stronghold of China where many major international corporations and Taiwanese businesses have established their China operations, SiS’s Beijing Office will be directly communicating with its partners to effectively improve the efficiency of business transactions. SiS expects to strengthen its position and influence in the mainland market through continuous cooperation, comprehensive product sales, responsive technical support and effective marketing. In the meantime, SiS will put forth its best efforts toward developing the computer and component markets in mainland China. It is anticipated that the opening of Beijing Office will accelerate SiS’s business development and product awareness in the mainland, and provide a solid foundation for SiS’s own brand chip products.

About SiS

SiS was founded in 1987, and located in Hsin Chu Science-based Industrial Park in Northern Taiwan. The company focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing leading-edge logic products, including core logic, multimedia, information appliance and connectivity.