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With the AVerMedia AVerTV CardBus Plus, you no longer need a TV!

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Milton Keynes, England, 18th January 2005

AVerMedia Technologies inc, the worlds leading manufacturer of digital multimedia products has today announced the release of the new AVerTV CardBus Plus. Plug the new TV CardBus Plus into your laptop and instantly watch live TV, listen to FM radio and record your favourite programmes.

With the new TV CardBus Plus you can transform your laptop into a personal TV system and utilise all its functions at the touch of a button with the supplied easy to use Remote Control.

Offering functions such as Multi-Channel Preview, Real-Time Digital Recording, Time-Shift Technology and image capture, the TV CardBus Plus is a Multi-Function TV Tuner Card that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

The TV CardBus Plus incorporates the latest MPEG II software decoder, which enables a high quality play-back of all your recordings and includes an FM Radio Antenna ensuring unbeatable quality FM Radio signal.

“AVerMedia is committed to designing and producing only the best quality in TV Tuner technology,” says Bentley Lo, Business Development Manager. “The TV CardBus Plus offers advanced technology in a simple form, completing the AVerMedia TV Tuner product range and providing consumers with the widest-ranging choice in TV Tuner technology.”

The AVerTV CardBus is available now from http://www.maplin.co.uk">http://www.maplin.co.uk. Price RRP £74.99 inc VAT.