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GIGABYTE to “Bring Smart to Life” with High-tech Innovations

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June 3rd, 2021 – The annual COMPUTEX at the beginning of summer marks the time of year where tech leaders and innovators of the world take center stage to showcase breakthroughs of their latest products. From May 31st to June 30th, GIGABYTE, a key player in the computer technology industry and a marquee exhibitor of the event, has joined this “#COMPUTEXVirtual” platform and organized 10 different sections in a dedicated “GIGABYTE Pavilion” to exhibit a series of products and solutions that can expand its “Bring Smart to Life” concept, from the data center to personal computer, and 5G to edge AI computing.

Data Center as the Backbone of Smart Technologies

At the core of solutions that “Bring Smart to Life” are data center and server products, which drive technology forward with industry-leading processors. For more than 20 years, GIGABYTE has offered data center solutions renowned for their quality, technology, and flexible customization services.

As top-tier processor providers AMD and Intel announced their latest 3rd Gen products, GIGABYTE, with reputable expertise and well-established relationships with the industry leaders, quickly delivers a complete and competitive server product line to the market. GIGABYTE is known for having the most extensive portfolio of AMD servers designed to excel in demanding workloads and is one of the earliest server partners to develop AMD EPYC solutions. GIGABYTE is able to announce a solid portfolio of server products that support the 7nm processor as it makes its debut, and with its incredible performance of up to 64 cores and 128 threads, enabling cloud and HPC computing centers a higher data throughput and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). While leveraging the launch of Intel 3rd Gen. Processors, GIGABYTE’s Intel servers offer an increase in memory bandwidth and total system memory per socket, as well as AI and security boosts have been added while maintaining a competitive price, giving enterprises a competitive edge as they transform their IT infrastructure.

GIGABYTE’s in-house design innovations and building block concept garnered support from Ampere to jointly design one socket servers for HPC, cloud, and edge. At GTC21, NVIDIA unveiled the NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit. This developer system includes an Ampere Altra processor, two NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, and two NVIDIA BlueField®-2 DPUs, all contained in a leading-edge GIGABYTE G242 server. Using the NVIDIA HPC software development kit, this server offers a hardware and software development platform for HPC and AI.

Along with the newsflash, GIGABYTE launched four brand new ARM servers, all of which can leverage the power of the 80-core (250W) Ampere Altra processors to provide the efficiency, performance, and throughput that make excellent choices for HPC, cloud, and edge workloads.

AIoT to Bring Smart to Life

GIGABYTE’s investment in advancing server products and data center solutions has become an integral part to “Bring Smart to Life”. The incredible performance of the data centers also further propels businesses to make their digital transformation by adopting smart applications powered by – AI – in which MyelinTek Inc., an investee company of GIGABYTE, provides with its deep learning system MLSteam. The system includes optimized AI software stacking and comprehensive management tools to help AI scientists reduce the time and cost of building AI development environments.

GIGABYTE’s determination to “Bring Smart to Life” also translates to its presentation in AIoT products and applications on the “GIGABYTE Pavilion”. GIGAIPC, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE, presents an array of industrial motherboards and embedded systems upgraded with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors to satisfy massive image processing needs in machine learning and robotics applications. Furthermore, GIGABYTE reveals a wide range of products for building a smart city, such as: an improved AI Facial Recognition System that supports attendance management, body temperature measurement, and mask detection, etc; a Smart Fence Defender made for preventing dangerous activities at blind spots or hazardous areas, while also allowing the system manager to divide and monitor surveilled zones to ensure safety; a Smart Fall Detection System that uses 3D depth sensing technology to accurately detect human movement, so an immediate alert can be sent in case the patient suffers a fall. The system also ensures privacy, which makes medical care safer, and has already assisted some major hospitals in making a smart transformation. GIGABYTE also offers 3D depth sensing product solutions that provide a unique and patented automatic calibration system, which helps clients to capture 3D depth information with greater precision.

With industry know-how and intent to advance technology, GIGABYTE has created more possibilities and ways to adapt to the changing environment with its development in AI and AIoT applications. GIGABYTE's ADCU3-100 in-vehicle ECU and AI edge computing platform is a project aimed to provide the powerful and dynamic computing capability of sensor fusion and behavior decision for the automated driving system. The smart power management system and a unique fan-less heat sink design ensure the stable operation of the system, providing a comprehensive solution for the next generation of intelligent vehicles.

New Generation of Personal Computers

The pandemic has inadvertently led to the rise of "home entertainment" and "work from home", and the demand for laptop performance has also escalated as a result. GIGABYTE’s latest AORUS and AERO series performance laptops emphasize the importance of high performance in gaming and productivity. Both are equipped with Intel’s latest 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H series processors to provide next-gen mobile computing performance. AORUS series laptops further pair the new CPU with the full-power implementation of GPUs, delivering up to 130 watts of GPU power. This greater power headroom enables improved gaming performance by 13% when compared to a down-tuned 80W variant, making all the difference in gaming experience on the go. Award-acclaimed AERO series laptops on the other hand feature the best-in-class 4K OLED panel which is factory calibrated and certified with the world-renowned X-Rite™ Pantone®, providing a wide and vibrant color spectrum for creative professionals who need a powerful yet dependable laptop they can rely on.

GIGABYTE has long been dedicated to creating marvelous gaming experiences with its gaming brand – AORUS, consistently releasing to markets products that are high in both performance and reliability. The shortage in PC component supplies has made building a gaming PC extremely challenging amid the pandemic. Despite the difficult time, GIGABYTE unveils two unprecedented prebuilt gaming PCs. The new flagship desktops pack the latest, most high-end parts from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA to date and are built with exclusively GIGABYTE components. The systems further stand out from other conventional prebuilds on the market with their cherry-picked cores. The processor cores are binned and factory-tuned using GIGABYTE’s years of hardware expertise to ensure that every machine achieves excellent stability and ultimate performance with low temperature and silent operation right out of the box, making them extremely rare and exclusive.

In order to meet the needs of high-end 4K/120Hz gaming specs, GIGABYTE is the first to launch a series of AORUS 4K tactical gaming monitors, with complete HDMI 2.1 support, esports-grade display performance, including stunning 4K resolutions, high refresh rates, and low input lag. The monitors also come with AORUS exclusive tactical features including Aim Stabilizer, Black Equalizer, and Active Noise Cancellation, which used to be available only to PC gamers, are now accessible to console players wanting to get ahead of the competition.

The month-long event of “#COMPUTEXVirtual” has begun on May 31st, GIGABYTE will present exciting products and solutions from backend computing of data center to end users’ personal computers at the “GIGABYTE Pavilion”. These announcements have also been organized and available as VOD programs on “GIGABYTE Tech Tune-In”. GIGABYTE invites you to join the exhibition or subscribe to the programs so you can see tomorrow’s technology today.