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Stay informed of the latest tech trends by visiting the Gigabyte Pavillion.

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Feeling out of the loop because you are working from home? Technology never sleeps! Starting today until June 30th, go online and visit the GIGABYTE Pavilion at the virtual edition of COMPUTEX 2021. Come see the latest technological innovations and solutions that will "Bring Smart to Life", including exciting new videos about our Ampere® Altra® Servers. GIGABYTE invites you to treat yourself to the year's hottest tech expo, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Interested in Arm Servers? Watch GIGABYTE's Video about the Brand New CPU Platform: Ampere® Altra® Servers

Arm servers have become the talk of the tech world. GIGABYTE has announced Arm servers powered by Ampere® Altra® processors, suitable for use in high performance computing, cloud computing, and edge computing. To learn more about GIGABYTE server solutions based on Ampere® Altra® processors, watch our feature video in the COMPUTEX Keynote section.

Powered by the Latest Processors, GIGABYTE Servers Usher in a New Age of High Performance Computing

GIGABYTE has in-depth knowledge of how to build servers for high performance computing. By working with industry leaders such as Intel®, AMD, and Ampere®, GIGABYTE has a wide range of servers based on different processors, suitable for use in data centers and other applications. GIGABYTE servers support the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators, fulfilling the requirements of high performance computing and paving the way for the next technological breakthrough. 

AI-Empowered Living Has Arrived. Upgrade Your Life Today

The advent of 5G communication technology and edge computing means artificial intelligence can empower 3D depth sensing and other visual recognition solutions to create smart solutions that are improving our lives. Real-life examples include smart library systems and smart fall detection systems. Visit the GIGABYTE Pavilion to learn more.


AORUS Esports Gaming Solutions Immerse You in the Latest Triple-A Titles

The combination of 11th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs and GeForce RTX™ 30-series GPUs means 4K gaming is no longer a pipe dream. AORUS has the 4K gaming solutions you need. From motherboards to graphics cards, from tactical gaming monitors to liquid-cooled systems, players can have everything they need to enjoy Triple-A titles in style, with crystal-clear graphics and unrivalled system stability.