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POINT of VIEW and TGT are announcing POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560Ti 2GB Series

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Proprietary high performance wide bandwidth hardware design, silent 90 mm Fan-Cooling

Eindhoven / Miami / Rio de Janeiro / Taipei / Tokyo / Madrid / Munich -  May 13, 2011 - Point of View, the leading European manufacturer of an exclusive range of NVIDIA based 3D processor boards, advanced netbooks as well as fancy 7" and 10" Tegra tablet computers, and additional enthusiast PC products, announces today that it is first to market with a high performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 3D processor board family featuring 2 GB of fast GDDR5 memory, the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560Ti 2 GB series).

The POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560Ti 2 GB series consists of two performance levels, "Charged" and "UltraCharged", and is based on a proprietary high-performance/wide-bandwidth hardware design. 

Hand-selected and carefully tuned by TGT in Germany, the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560Ti 2GB series offers an optimized balance of enhanced core clock settings and supreme stability even beyond shipping specifications.

Core clocked 860 MHz, 1721 MHz shader clock and 4008 MHz memory clock, the advanced POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2 GB ChargedTM already exceeds the specifications of most of the recently announced competitive products.

The POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2 GB ChargedTM is topped by the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2GB UltraChargedTM core clocked 911 MHz, 1822 MHz shader clock and 4008 MHz memory clock.

All models offer significant head room for individual over-clocking and are immediately available.   

For more information visit http://www.pointofview-online.com or contact us through marketing@pointofview-online.com.

About Point of View

Point of View, well known for its range of NVIDIA 3D based Graphics cards, and other PC Products, was established in the year 2000. Since its inception, the sales of Point of View have grown exponentially and our brand can now be seen in more than 70 countries world-wide. The headquarters of Point of View is based in the Netherlands where we operate the market with a European, multi-lingual sales team. However, our offices include: Point of View Spain, Point of View Taiwan, Point of View China, Point of View USA and Point of View Brazil.

As a high-end brand, Point of View holds a European vision on its product quality control and customer service and support. With excellent warranty conditions, efficient RMA handling and great technical support, Point of View prides itself on a very high level of service. Our focus is on supporting our distributors and partners to supply top quality products and present an exciting and marketable brand to retailers.

About TGT

TGT was founded beginning of July 2010 by Wolfram Tismer and Peter Tersluisen to build up a dedicated team specialized on graphics card tuning. Products, individually tuned by TGT in Germany, are hand selected, comply with highest quality standards and undergo comprehensive burn in procedures significantly beyond shipping specifications.