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Elsa launches new range of Ge-Force4 Graphic Cards

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ELSA launches new range of Consumer Graphics
boards with


New boards use latest generation GeForce4 technology from

NVIDIA, setting new standards in 3D performance and multimedia flexibility

THEALE, February 6 2002-Computer graphics, Internet access,

and networking vendor ELSA has extended its line of award winning consumer

graphics boards with the addition of four new models based on NVIDIA's new

GeForce4(tm) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The new range of ELSA GLADIAC

boards will cater, not only for entry-level, high-end and extreme gamers,

but also for multimedia fans with Video-In/Video-Out functionality.

"ELSA has a solid reputation among gamers and the mainstream

for providing quality performance graphics boards," said Fiona Faulkner,

Managing Director for ELSA UK. "The introduction of the new ELSA GLADIAC

range will make that reputation even stronger, offering improved speed,

image quality and new multimedia capabilities to suit every budget. "

ELSA GLADIAC 925VIVO (Video-In/Video-Out)

The new top of the range ELSA GLADIAC 925VIVO is based on

NVIDIA's new GeForce4(tm) Ti 4600 GPU and runs at a core clock speed of

300MHz. Equipped with 128-MB DDR RAM, and a 650MHz effective memory clock,

the ELSA GLADIAC 925VIVO is aimed at extreme gamers and multimedia fans

looking for state-of-the-art 3D performance.

In addition to offering faster performance, the ELSA GLADIAC

925VIVO gives a new depth of quality to special effects with the new

GeForce4, nFiniteFX(tm) II engine. This fully programmable effects

processor is now extended with new dual programmable vertex shaders and

advanced programmable pixel shaders to create ultra-realistic effects in

real time.

The new Lightspeed Memory Architecture(tm) II delivers

almost twice the memory bandwidth of GeForce3, whilst Accuview

Antialiasing(tm) eliminates jagged and flickering edges, providing

unparalleled image quality even at high frame rates. The ELSA GLADIAC

925VIVO has a DVI-I interface for digital flat-panel displays and includes

the new multi-monitor management tool, nView(tm).

With full multimedia capabilities, the board's

Video-In/Video-out (VIVO) feature enables desktop video recording and

editing which is ideal for creating home movies with special sound and

visual effects. The ELSA GLADIAC 925VIVO also allows 3D games and DVD movies

to be viewed on a TV-screen and the ability to support dual monitors,

particularly useful for multimedia projects that need extra screen space.


The ELSA GLADIAC 725TV-OUT is aimed at high-end 3D gamers

looking for excellent graphics performance and reliability. Based on

NVIDIA's GeForce4(tm) Ti 4400 GPU, it also offers 128-MB DDR RAM, has a core

clock speed of 275MHZ with 550MHz effective memory. Equipped with the

nFiniteFX(tm) II engine for realistic 3D graphics, the ELSA GLADIAC

725TV-OUT also includes the new Lightspeed Memory Architecture(tm) II and

Accuview Antialiasing(tm) for optimized 3D performance and image quality.

In addition to the nView(tm) feature and DVI-I interface for

dual-screen working, this board is equipped with a TV-Out facility that

allows 3D games and DVD movies to be viewed on a normal TV-screen.

users also have the option to display corporate presentations on a large


ELSA GLADIAC 517VIVO (Video-In/Video-Out)

The ELSA GLADIAC 517VIVO is an all-round package for

ambitious gaming plus multimedia creativity and entertainment. Based on

NVIDIA GeForce4(tm) MX 460 GPU, the GLADIAC 517VIVO offers 64MB of DDR RAM,

a 550MHz effective memory clock and a core clock speed of 300MHZ. The ELSA

GLADIAC 517VIVO enables desktop video recording and editing and features the

new Lightspeed Memory Architecture II and Accuview Antialiasing, in addition

to nView (tm) and a DVI-I interface for dual screen work.


The ELSA GLADIAC 517TV-OUT provides PC gamers with an

entry-level step-up to performance gaming. Based on the new NVIDIA

GeForce4(tm) MX 440 GPU, the board is equipped with 64-MB DDR RAM, an

effective memory clock rate of 400MHz and a core clock speed of 270MHz. The

ELSA GLADIAC 517TV-OUT offers gaming and DVD-movies on TV and provides

superb image quality with the new nFinite(tm) FX II engine, Lightspeed

Memory Architecture II and Accuview Antialiasing(tm).

All four of the new boards in the ELSA GLADIAC range support

the 3D shutter glasses ELSA 3D REVELATOR.


ELSA is one of the leading providers of Internet access and

computer graphics solutions for the PC. Its product range includes modems,

ISDN adapters, ISDN and DSL routers, videoconferencing systems, graphics

boards and monitors. ELSA was founded in 1980 and today has around 600

employees. In addition to its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, it also

maintains subsidiaries in San José (USA), Taipei (Taiwan) and Tokyo (Japan)

as well as in London (UK), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain),

Stockholm (Sweden) and Eke (Belgium). Since June 1998, ELSA AG shares are

traded on the "Neuer Markt" trading segment (WKN 507 360) of the

stock exchange in Germany.

Web site: www.elsa.co.uk