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ELSA Unveils new build of GLADIAC 920 GeForce 3 Graphics

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ELSA Unveils new build of GLADIAC 920 GeForce 3 Graphics

Sleek. It's Black and it's an Over-clocker's Dream

THEALE, 22 August
2001- PC Graphics board and networking
vendor ELSA has launched a new build
of its GLADIAC 920 GeForce 3 board
which will delight those extreme gamers
with its potential for

"With no additional cooling, we
have managed to clock the
board up to 250Mhz on the core processor and 560Mhz
on the memory,
delivering a massive 650 additional points on 3D Mark 2001. No
tricks, no
fans, no extra heat sinks. This is straight out of the box," said
product manager Adam Foat.

The new build GLADIAC also sports a
new sleek black PCB and
an improved heat sink but otherwise has the same
powerful configuration as
the orginal, based on the NVIDIA GeForce 3 graphics
processor unit (GPU).

In addition to offering gamers faster performance,
the ELSA
GLADIAC 920's nFinite FX(tm) engine in GeForce3 enables
programming of 3D particle light effects such as smoke, fog and
Using texture bump mapping the high-end graphics card creates
realistic material textures and convincing moving water effects.

The Lightspeed Memory Architecture(tm) and 64 MB DDR SDRAM
with 3.8
ns access time and a 460-MHz effective memory clock provide
outstanding 3D
performance with 3.2 gigatexels per second. Full-scene
antialiasing (FSAA)
gets rid of all pixel edges without affecting the speed
of the board.
Customers can see the effects out of the box, thanks to the
inclusion of a
special GeForce3-optimised version of the Giants computer

ELSA Gladiac 920 comes with a video out facility that
allows you to play
games using a normal TV screen or watch DVD movies using
special ELSAmovie
DVD player software included in the package. It retails
for £349.99 inc VAT
and is covered by a six-year warranty.
ELSA is one of the
leading providers of Internet access and
computer graphics solutions for the
PC. Its product range includes modems,
ISDN adapters, ISDN and DSL routers,
videoconferencing systems, graphics
boards and monitors. ELSA was founded in
1980 and today has more than 600
employees. In addition to its headquarters
in Aachen, Germany, it also
maintains subsidiaries in San José (USA), Taipei
(Taiwan) and Tokyo (Japan)
as well as in London (UK), Paris (France), Milan
(Italy), Madrid (Spain),
Stockholm (Sweden) and Eke (Belgium). Since June
1998, ELSA AG shares are
traded on the "Neuer Markt" trading segment of the
Frankfurt stock exchange
in Germany.

ELSA G.B. Ltd., 1210
Parkview, Arlington Business Park,
Theale, Berkshire RG7 4TY
Tel: 0118
965 7755 Fax: 0118 965 7756
Freephone sales no.: 08000 56 34 45
site: www.elsa.co.uk