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ELSA GLoria DCC & 3D Studio Max

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ELSA GLoria DCC Unlocks the Power of 3D
Studio Max

THEALE, 1 August 2001 -Graphics board and networking vendor

ELSA has launched a high-end professional graphics board, the ELSA GLoria

DCC that has been optimised and certified for digital content creation (DCC)

applications such as 3D Studio Max.

The ELSA GLoria DCC is customised for digital content

creation professionals who need optimum performance for generating designs

for character animation, visual effects and games development. It is the

only hardware platform with an optimised application driver for 3D Studio

Max with the new Vertex and Pixel shader technology from graphics chip maker

NVIDIA. The ELSA MAXtreme driver delivers both performance and stability for

the DCC user.

The nFinite engine of the NVIDIA Quadro DCC GPU (graphics

processor unit) enables the integration of new features of 3D Studio Max for

use in DCC applications as well as offering a significant performance boost.

ELSA's product manager for graphics Adam Foat commented,

"This is a specialist tool for people at the cutting edge of digital

animation. Designers can now program an almost limitless number of effects

and review the results straight away."

The ELSA GLoria DCC retails for £799.99 including VAT and is

covered by a six-year warranty.


ELSA is one of the leading providers of Internet access and

computer graphics solutions for the PC. The company's product range includes

modems, ISDN adapters, ISDN and DSL routers, videoconferencing systems,

graphics boards and monitors. ELSA was founded in 1980 and today has more

than 650 employees. In addition to its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, it

also maintains subsidiaries in San José (USA), Taipei (Taiwan) and Tokyo

(Japan) as well as in London (UK), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid

(Spain), Stockholm (Sweden) and Eke (Belgium). Since June 1998, ELSA AG

shares are traded on the "Neuer Markt" (WKN 507 360) trading segment
of the

Frankfurt stock exchange in Germany.

ELSA G.B. Ltd., 1210 Parkview, Arlington Business Park,

Theale, Berkshire RG7 4TY

Tel: 0118 965 7755 Fax: 0118 965 7756

Freephone sales no.: 08000 56 34 45

Web site: www.elsa.co.uk