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ELSA GLADIAC 311 Graphics Targets Entry 3D Gaming

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ELSA GLADIAC 311 Graphics Board Targets Entry
3D Gaming and

Business 2D Applications

THEALE, 29 June 2001 - Computer graphics and networking

vendor ELSA has launched the ELSA GLADIAC 311 TV Out AGP, an entry-level

graphics boards aimed at mainstream PC gamers and power business 2D users.

Based around the NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 200 graphics processor

with 32MB RAM and TV Out, the ELSA GLADIAC 311 offers superb photo realistic

3D images thanks to the NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR) with two 3D

Pipelines and per pixel shading.

TV Out means users can view 3D games on a home TV. In the

business environment this allows corporate presentations, streaming video or

call centre agent information to be displayed on a large screen. It can

also be used as a DVD player and comes with ELSAmovie -2000 DVD player

software as well as the Ultima Online Renaissance games bundle.

Adam Foat, graphics product manager for ELSA commented,

"This is keen price point for such a high performance board which should

appeal to all but the cutting edge gamers. Most business graphics users will

see an immediate and quantum uplift in performance."

Supporting Windows 9x onwards and Linux the ELSA GLADIAC 311

TV board is covered by a two-year warranty and priced at £74.99 inc VAT. For

resellers the board comes in both retail and bulk versions for systems



ELSA is one of the leading providers of Internet access and

computer graphics solutions for the PC. Its product range includes modems,

ISDN adapters, ISDN and DSL routers, videoconferencing systems, graphics

boards and monitors. ELSA was founded in 1980 and today has more than 600

employees. In addition to its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, it also

maintains subsidiaries in San José (USA), Taipei (Taiwan) and Tokyo (Japan)

as well as in London (UK), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain),

Stockholm (Sweden) and Eke (Belgium). Since June 1998, ELSA AG shares are

traded on the "Neuer Markt" trading segment of the Frankfurt stock

in Germany.

ELSA G.B. Ltd, 1210 Parkview, Arlington Business Park,

Theale, Berkshire RG7 4TY

Tel: 0118 965 7755 Fax: 0118 965 7756

Freephone sales no.: 08000 56 34 45

Web site: www.elsa.co.uk