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Different Choices; Same Trendiness – ELSA Launches Two Heavyweight 9400 GT Contenders

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Recently, NVIDIA announced its latest entry level DX10 compatible product – 9400 GT. The introduction of 9400 GT reflects NVIDIA’s intention to further refine the boundaries of market differentiation. Being one of NVIDIA’s collaborating high-end video card manufacturing partners, it is not surprising to see ELSA bolstering its product lineup with two 9400 GT core video cards (GDDR2 and GDDR3): Gladiac 940GT Titanium Evolution and Gladiac 940 GT Titanium. Both cards feature NVIDIA Geforce 9400 GT core with 16-bit streaming processors.

ELSA’s Gladiac 940GT Titanium Evolution adopts a green PCB with a core that is enclosed by a rose-gold fin cooler and a massive cooling fan that is capable of generating powerful airstreams to provide adequate heat dissipation for the chipset. With regards to power supply, Gladiac 940GT Titanium Evolution is equipped with a generous deployment of premium grade solid capacitors manufactured in Japan along with independent power supply for the core and video memory. Coupled with fully enclosed inductors, the video card is capable of operating stability at high clock speed over an extended period of time.

In addition, the product is complete with Qimonda’s -1.0ns DDR3 die to offer a 256MB/128bit memory specification with a default chip/memory frequency of 650/1800MHz. The video card offers two DVI output and supports PCI-E 2.0. Furthermore, Gladiac 940GT Titanium Evolution has also incorporated a graphics core that features NVIDIA’s latest PhysX (physics processing) technology and CUDA technology to boost the video card’s performance. The product’s 3D benchmark scores are simply impressive.

ELSA’s Gladiac 940 GT Titanium comes with 8 Samsung -2.5ns DDR2 dies to offer a 512MB/128bit memory specification with a default chip/memory frequency of 600/800 MHz.

With regards to interfaces, Gladiac 940GT Titanium comes with both DVI and HDMI output. With its 512MB memory, Gladiac 940GT Titanium will be able to deliver perfectly rendered high definition video and offer realistic visual effects for gamers in a hi-def multimedia setup.

Both Gladiac 940GT Titanium Evolution and Gladiac 940GT Titanium are ELSA’s latest offerings in the entry level video card market. The video cards have been crafted with ELSA’s strict QA standards and are fully compliant with the RoHS directives and relevant EU regulations to meet the European Union’s strict product requirements for eco-friendliness, EMI/EMC, noise control, product lifecycle and so forth through rigorous testing. But that’s not all; in order to deliver unparalleled after-sales service, ELSA is offering an unprecedented 3-year warranty for video cards that even covers the cooler! Compared to other competing products within the same price range that come with a 1 or 2-year warranty, ELSA’s Gladiac 940GT Titanium Evolution and Gladiac 940GT Titanium simply offer more bang for the buck.