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INNO3D launches GeForce RTX 2080/2070 Gaming OC X2

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Hong Kong – September 6, 2019 – INNO3D, a leading manufacturer of pioneering high-end multimedia components and various innovations is excited to announce the new INNO3D GeForce RTX 2080, 2070 SUPER Gaming OC X2. Our R&D team have been working hard in order to have every conceivable version of the SUPER series and we’re thrilled to showcase the Gaming OC X2. Boasting two large cooling fans and unique cooling system to enhance the way it’s cooled – perfect for all Gaming OC fans who require a little more kick to their cooling. It’s also powered by the Turing architecture packed with more oomph thanks to additional cores and higher clocks.

This beautiful design houses two incredibly large 10cm fans that are super effective yet look like they mean business by delivering powerful performance required for the most demanding games. The cooling system comprise of 4 heatpipes that are 932mm in length and a huge aluminium heatsink giving a surface area of 383,000mm². It also has bidirectional air flow, two paths for heat dissipation toperform brilliantly keeping heat at bay, and it manages to do so quietly. It is quiet, effective and cool. 

The new INNO3D GeForce RTX SUPER Gaming OC X2 is a result from nearly a year of process tuning and architectural optimizations that deliver the fastest gaming performance in traditional rasterized games and the flood of blockbuster titles implementing real-time ray tracing. In addition, they offer the best performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar of any gaming GPU in their class. 

When you choose to power your favourite titles with INNO3D GeForce RTX SUPER Gaming OC X2, you will appreciate the sheer power of the unique cooling design assisted with the twin large fan blades to power through your games to experience absolute realism with games coming to life with super-fast ray tracing. Ray tracing delivers physical accurate shadows, reflections, and lighting. And tap into Tensor Cores for super-powerful AI-processing. Advanced memory, performance boosts, and processing technologies are your super powers to tackle your favourite titles. 

Our Senior Product Manager Ken Wong commented “We’ve spent a little more time on development of the Gaming OC X2 to make sure it is absolutely spot on before we release to the market. We are aware our fans have been anticipating something very special from us and we will not disappoint because we wanted to ensure that with these cards being overclocked, we had the right fan design to match with it. By going large with 10cm fans, it not only performs but also looks the real deal”.

Years of R&D has allowed INNO3D to make technological advancements, continously pushing the boundaries and bolster their expertise in the graphics card inudstry. It has elevated INNO3D  to a point that makes a difference for high-end gamers and design creation professionals achieving high performance with outstanding temperature control and at super quiet noise levels.

INNO3D is now working hard to make the new INNO3DGeForce RTX SUPER Gaming OC X2 models available at all premium resellers across the region. For more information about INNO3D products, please visit www.inno3d.com.

About INNO3D®

INNO3D® is highly committed to bring jaw-dropping computer hardware products to you. Without settling for compromise you can expect us to sync all resources to focus on bringing the biggest bang for the smallest buck to our customers. As a strong team and close friends, we sometimes walk the fine line of what is possible, aimed to cross boundaries and achieve that where others stay behind. We are 'Brutal by Nature' in everything we do and are 201% committed for you to have the best gaming experience in the world.