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Thermaltake V1 CPU cooler announced

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Thermaltake, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end PC chassis, high-efficiency power supply and CPU cooling solution, today announced the next generation of ultra-high performance CPU cooler, V1.

Designed for utmost thermal efficiency while minimizing the overall noise output to provide unprecedented computing environment and comfort. V1 will support all mainstream and high performance processors (Intel LGA775 and AMD Socket AM2/940/939/754).


It’s easy to design a nice looking cooler, a silent cooler, or a high performance cooler,” said Eric Chuang, senior manager of Thermaltake thermal division. “It’s very difficult to integrate all 3 elements in one cooler, that’s why it took us 8 month to develop V1 which is a fusion of performance, silence and appearance”.

On the cooling front, V1 utilizes the newly developed 4 Channel – Dual-VTM Architecture Heatpipe Cooling V1, where V shaped copper fins are seamlessly attached onto 963mm of heatpipes, to accelerate heat dissipation. Mirror finished copper base further increases the heat absorption rate to effectively remove heat from processors. Over-sized 110mm fan with all-range variable speed controller allows user to manually adjust fan speed according to the working or gaming environment. Open-frame design on the fan further reduces air-rebounding noises that are found on traditional fans to achieve nearly silent operation.


Side flow design utilizes system air and allow the cool system air to flow through the cooler to provide more effective cooling. Unique architecture design provides multi-directional air intake which absorb more cool air to achieve better performance.

Streamlined body designed not only increases airflow through the copper fins, but also forms a distinctive look that will surely to catch the attention of any PC enthusiasts and overclockers.

We will be sure to swing by the Thermaltake stand at CeBIT 2007 and see just if its as efficient as it is pretty!

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Can I just say, what the bloody hell?

I just looks like they have taken the Areo Flower and chopped 3/4 off it.
well the four separate heatpipes should make it interesting…

Will have to have a chat with Thermaltake about it.

I think it looks pretty neat. Thermaltake have been churning out some pretty good heatsinks recently. Might perform well, cant see it being the Tuniq tower though.
I like.